Box Show Question’s

We have alot of new folks , so I want to check and be sure we are doing this right, is the pace ok, are we covering what you need, after watching are you able to actually make the box,  your input helps us make this work for you, so let me know .

Now just want to mention Bob still has some kits , and at 40.00 its a good deal, so if your still interested let him know,  he mostly has tiger maple, and you can choose from either walnut or cherry trim  just to refresh your mind of what the box looks like here is the auction link with the photo,

I just want to be sure no one is intimidated or feels like the box is beyond them,, so again let me know and if ya want wood drop Bob an email, and also ask him about other woods,   ( I know he has some birds eye and other woods , but ask him )

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10 Responses to Box Show Question’s

  1. bob says:

    I have to check on the birdseye. I am not sure if it is wide enough. I am also looking into having a profile set of knives made to run the box sides. It will not be cheap, but if it helps guys make this and they are willing to pay for it., I would do it. I am getting the cost of the knives now, so if you might be interested, let me know. Thanks, bob

  2. bob says:

    I do also have the molding for the bracket feet for the keeping chest. It is 10$ ft in tiger maple, curly cherry or flame birch. 13$ ft in birdseye. bob

  3. Brian Loucks says:

    Ordered my wood from Bob last evening. Great guy! Thanks for eveything Charles and Bob.
    Can’t wait to get started.

  4. Jim Dunbar says:

    I have not cut wood yet but you instructions seem very clear. Thanks for being such a great mentor.

  5. Eddie Howard says:

    Yes Bob — what machine will the knives be for??

    • bob says:

      I have a Williams and Hussey molder. I sent in to the company to see how much a set of knives will cost to cut the molding for the sides of the box. Sorry if I have screwed up for anyone. I would buy the knives. I am guessing at about 400 to 450$ for a set. I need to see if this would even be worth doing if I got enough interest to buy the precut molding. I have not heard back yet from Williams and Hussey, but will try and keep you up to date. Any other questions, let me know. I will check back here later tonight. bob

  6. Rich says:

    I got two kits from Bob for the box build.
    Beautiful material. wouldn’t hesitate to get more from bob.

  7. bob says:

    Just a note. I have the molding knives ordered and will get them next week.I will then be able to cut the side molding for the kits. I am charging 15$ per set for that. It will help me recover the cost of the knives. So, the kit price is still 40$ plus the 15$ if you want the sides run. I am hoping to be able to start that late next week, depending on when I get the knives. Any questions, let me know. Thanks, bob

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