Here Comes Da Box

At some point this morning, the first video of making the box will be up, we are filming the second video today and as soon as its done it will be put up as well , again we are not breaking this down into  weekly webisodes, so that those who are making the boxes for Christmas, will have as much time as possible.

It has been quite busy around here getting the box shows done, and keeping up with client work, but thus far we have managed , but it does make for some longer than normal days,  but worth the effort I feel.

I would also like to welcome all the new show subscribers and thank everyone for there support , we will continue to do what it is we do, which is to try to help all of us become better woodworkers, and to raise the bar on projects you might not have thought you could do, again many thanks.

Well I got to tell ya,  It was decided I had to get a new cell phone, so the one that was picked out for me, is some sort of “smart phone”,  it does more stuff than I can even begin to mention,  videos, pictures, GPS , emails , and on and on, has some sort of touch screen as well as this little itty bitty key board, like my big fingers are going to be able to use that, now my issue is, if the d*** thing is that smart, why do I need to have a degree in computer science to work the  ” dumb thing “,  I ask the guy how do I learn to use this thing, his advice was good,  ” you know any teenagers” ? , it seems they are born with all the natural instincts to use all this electronic stuff, so Crystal is helping me learn, she has teenagers who taught her , so guess it will work out, but I am doing pretty good, after 24 hours, I know how to answer it and make a call, so time will tell, but just so you know, don’t email me instruction and for goodness sake don’t text me, and expect an answer any time  this year,  OK !

It looks like its time to get some coffee and get to work  so y’all be safe


PS: you would think they could make a cell phone with a rotary dial, now wouldn’t ya ?

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5 Responses to Here Comes Da Box

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Here ya go:

    There’s one for an iPhone as well if that’s what you have. Just search for

    rotary dial app iphone


  2. bob says:

    Would enjoy seeing pictures of you and your thumbs typing on that little phone. bob

  3. Had to finally “give up” my old cell. Charles they have “old peoples” phones. 🙂 louder, simpler, but would you believe still not “intuitive.” My wife got the smart phone but she is an intuitive techie type. 15 years younger, and better eye hand coordination.

    It has benn actually proven that old Dawgs learn new tricks. Just takes us longer. and 18 year old learns in 18 seconds what takes an old timer 18 minutes to learn new.

    There is hope, and you are afterall a woodworker so you have to have some kind of patience.

    We all know ya got determination. 🙂


  4. Steve says:

    Hey…how about Facetime or Skype. A video call…how cool would that be?

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