Happy Birthday Sherri /Box Build Begins

Today is Sherri’s  ?? birthday,  I can’t post a birthday cake,  or all the other stuff, so just a good  Birthday Wish will have to do 🙂  so   HAPPY BIRTHDAY  SHERRI  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its time, to grab some material and get to the box build, I am working with Bob Kloes  to put together a wood kit, so email him if you have an interest, we are doing  Tiger Maple box with walnut trim, and Cherry with Tiger Maple trim,  so drop him an email if you need material,,  Bob@Bobkloes.com    , he has the kits price about 40.00

The box basically needs 2- 24″ pieces  4 1/2 tall and 1  1/8  thick for the box then we need a piece for the raised panel approx 7 x 11 , the top trim will need to be approx 2 ” wide we need sides at approx 14 and ends at approx 9  ( total 46 ” and the same for the bottom trim, all 3/4 thick,  and approx  for the feet we need about 24 ” ,  1 3/8 wide x 3/4 thick,

now all of the above dimensions are over length to allow to miter and room to work with

Ok so now off to set up for the build and get the cameras rolling, later Y’all

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16 Responses to Happy Birthday Sherri /Box Build Begins

  1. Rich says:

    Looking foward to the box build Charles.
    Have ordered two kits from Big Bob.

  2. Stumpy Nubs says:

    Do you think I could get all my stock out of one 2X4? I got a NICE one at Home Depot the other day…

  3. Happy Birthday Sherri! You made another one whew!

  4. Ben says:

    Happy Birthday, Sherri!

  5. Ron Allison says:

    Happy Birthday! to Sherri

  6. Al Gunther says:

    Happy Birthday Sherri.


  7. Happy,happy birthday Sherri thanks for all your help through years. Enjoy, I hope your 21st birthday will be a good one :))
    I’m really looking forward to the box build Charles

    • wayne says:

      Have a very happy birthday Sherri! Thanks for all your help over the months, etc. Have the old man take you out to a nice resturant for dinner!

      Wayne Raley

  8. Monte West says:

    A very very Happy Birthday Sherri. I know you did not want Charles to tell, but the little Devil that’s in him made him do it. Also thank you for all the help over the years you have given me.
    I hope you have had a great day

  9. vwturtle13 says:

    Happy Birthday Sherri !!!
    Charles I am looking foward to the box build, Should be fun.

  10. Rob says:

    Sherri happy birthday enjoy


  11. Sherri says:

    Thanks for all of the birthday wishes from the bottom of my heart, means a lot…..Sherri

  12. Mike says:

    Hello Sherri, by the time you read this you’re probably just finishing up a fabalous dinner and blowing out the 39 candles on a scumptous birthday cake so I raise my glass and wish you a wonderful birthday.

  13. don says:

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Muzzy says:

    Happy Birthday 2 You…

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