Happy Thanksgiving / Show Update

Here is wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and hoping you get a little shop time, and don’t over eat,  and remember to not handle your wood with greasy, nasty fingers, so use the fork !   Our best to all of you and Thank You for your support and friendship !

Show Update :

we are putting up 2 shows today, in order to conclude the birch table build /finish , we are doing this so we can get the box build up ASAP, we will begin filming it on Monday and I will be posting the material list ASAP, we are doing this to get those of you who want to do some for Christmas as much time as possible, and as soon as its filmed and edited we will get it up as well, will not wait on Thursday,  so its been pretty busy for us getting it all done and up, so maybe a little porch time over the weekend to recharge the batteries, but we will see , again Happy Thanksgiving,, and be safe

second Update:    both shows are up


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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving / Show Update

  1. Rich says:

    Happy thanksgiving to you & yours Charles & everyone at the shop.

  2. Mike says:

    But all those tool marks left behind from handling the wood with a fork….Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sherri, Jeff, Ed, and Billy.

    Mike and Marion

  3. mike wilson says:

    Have a happy and remember to have a little turkey after the turkey while your on the porch.

  4. Pitbull says:

    awesome. Happy thanksgivin all’s welll here…m looking forward to this.

  5. jelton says:

    Charles and family,
    Thanks for going the extra mile putting up the double birch table shows and making time for the Christmas box project. I appreciate your continual dedication and commitment to promoting our woodworking skills and giving us great projects to build. You all deserve a week or two off from the class schedule over the holidays.

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