Table Show — A Little Eye Candy

The show got a nice post on Lumber Jocks,  and we didn’t get beat up , not yet anyway. , it was pretty nice not to get “flamed ” over something. Miracles never cease to happen , here is the post

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The show folks saw the build on a couple of the tables we have been working on, and have been finishing,  but even they haven’t seen the final results, so thought I would show you 2 of the tables we have finished or close to finished , The curly cherry extension table is Jeff Fleischer’s personal table in his home, the second is a flame birch table I personally am working on, it’s called a company board table, as there are 2 “company boards” that attach on each end, and is more of a  “country” or farm table look, it gets a turned leg base, that is painted black with some red antique rub thru showing, so when it is all said and done we will get a pic, but for now thought you would enjoy seeing the top, Jeff’s is done in a cherry dye mix we came up with and General Finishes Enduro Var waterbase finish, the Birch is done a diluted version of my New England dye mix, and is getting a General Finish’s  Arm R Seal oil finish, at this point it has 4 coats of oil and 1 or maybe 2 to go, both are done in a satin sheen , hope you enjoy the pictures, but I must say they don’t even begin to show the grain and depth of these tables !

The Curly cherry came from

and the Flame Birch came from

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5 Responses to Table Show — A Little Eye Candy

  1. Paul-Marcel says:

    Seriously nice tables, Charles! Love the look of the company board when assembled; the cross breadboards looks great with this kind of curl.

    Eager to see you do the sand-through legs… hundred ways to do it, but likely yours is different.

  2. Fantabulus table I know Jeff and his wife have to be more than thrilled with the outcome. I’m happy with your response on Ljs too.. Amazing work as usual Charles.

  3. Norm Reid says:

    All I can say is Wow!

  4. Mike says:

    Jeff’s table really came out nice, the dye mix was perfect now that I can see a close up. That flame birch…WOW !

  5. don says:

    Wow, the flame birch is stunning! Be almost afraid to set a glass of beer on it; the 3D effect!

    Love the curl and color on the cherry too.

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