Just Cruising

I am working on client projects, as well as the birch “company board” table for the show, and filming away , I am anxious to see this table come together, this flame birch from Bob Kloes  is exceptional. If I get the  “haul butt” on, might get to have Thanksgiving dinner on it, that would be nice.. as well as get more room in the shop,

I will try to get a “material list ”  for the box up over the weekend,  and we shall go from there, but for now got to get back to the table and camera,  but just wanted to drop in and let y’all know what we are up to, Sherri has some sort of special going on show subscriptions, to try to grow the show some, and we have seen some new folks coming on board, a good thing .So all in all things are working , except for me as I was just told, 🙂 so I will shut up and get to work .  Catch Ya Later  , Y’all be safe , Ya hear

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One Response to Just Cruising

  1. Sounds like a plan! Happy Bird Day!

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