Internet Is Growing, Some Of Our Folks Are Blogging

Randy Child , who came out and did the Maloof rocker class has a new website, and he has a blog, just getting started,  as well Bob Kloes, has a new one,, as well as Paul- Marcel, and I know I have missed some here so let me know or post yours in the comments,,

Big Bobs blog

Here is Randy’s site and blog…

here is Paul’s

Paul has been around for a while and has some great info on his site , and Bob and Randy are just getting going,  so check them out

Now while your checking them out, note Randy’s site, it was designed and made by another one  our good friends,  Sal Marino, of

Sal is a man of many talents indeed, from  anything veneer’s to about any other subject you can name in woodworking,  like me , Sal has a mile or 100 on him, but still going strong, and he is , in my opinion excellent  on his Web sites, he was a huge help to Sherri in redesigning and getting  our’s going , so if you have an interest in a “killer” web site check Sal out,

Ok get out there and check them out, and get some post on those sites,,

later y’all

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3 Responses to Internet Is Growing, Some Of Our Folks Are Blogging

  1. Randy says:

    Thanks Neil..I appreciate you mentioning us and our new websites..its an exciting adventure to see where they will take us..

  2. Randy says:

    Ohh..and when you visit my site..please log in and create a user account..doesn’t cost anything and you can blog away

  3. Paul-Marcel says:

    Thanks for the mention, Charles! It’s appreciated!

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