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Been a while since I took over the blog from Charles (he’s teaching his Finishing A to Z Class) but was thinking that we have so many new woodworkers following our blog and show that I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the great partners we have who help support CNW financially because they believe in what Charles does helps you, the woodworker.  We pick and choose our sponsors very carefully and you will notice a few ad links on our web site.  All of these are one click away from visiting their sites and letting them know you appreciate their help by supporting them and making your purchases from them whenever possible.  A note of thanks for their supporting Charles would be awesome as well.

Here is your homework & study guide for the weekend – There WILL be a quiz! LOL!

1. Go to our web site CLICK HERE!
2. Click on each and every sponsor – there are seven of them.

Classic Designs – General Finishes – Darex/Workshop/Drill Doctor – Woodcraft – Horton Brasses – Hamilton Tools & Monster Woodshop

3. Take a look around their sites, many of them offer more than just products.

4. Go to their contact page and drop an email thanking them for supporting Charles Neil Woodworking and if you’ve made a purchase because Charles told you about a product of theirs, let them know. This group of sponsors is with us to support what Charles does, through sending in products for give-a-ways, through letting us know what’s new so we can tell you, through great customer service on their end. They are in business selling to the woodworkers but unlike some others, they care about YOU, the woodworker, not just selling you something.

5. Come back here and post something new you learned while visiting one of these sponsors. I know that there are a lot of articles, videos and information out there that they work hard to provide, check them out.

One more note, these are not affiliate links, we do not get paid for clicks or purchases or anything like that, they also lend financial support from $200 to $300.00 each quarter of the year. These are straight up companies that deserve our support, please won’t you join us in supporting them?


P.S. While you are clicking, don’t forget the Wounded Warriors link, many of you gave during our promotion of Wounded Warriors in May, but they need our support and thanks many times, so if you can, send them $5.00, it all adds up to help our men and women protecting our freedom.

P.S.S. Congratulations to Brad C. from Michigan who was the winner of the newest model Drill Doctor presented by Darex for a give-away celebrating our 100th Webisode of Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil!

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2 Responses to Sponsor Ads on Our Web Site

  1. rovangju says:

    The woodcraft banner doesn’t have the http:// in front of it – so it redirects to: http://www.cn-woodworking.com/www.woodcraft.com 😮

  2. Thank you for the heads up, working now.

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