Surprise …New DVD .. Waterbase Finishing

We kept this one under out hats until done,  but it was something I really wanted to do, especially with the new equipment  and the newer finishes, its one of those things , it took the newer technology to be able to capture what we wanted , the emphasis is on application, especially spraying, and understanding  what you want when you spray,,, being able to see sheen , and know when you have it coated properly, as well as hand application,  in essence  it brings A to Z into the modern world , and takes ‘Its all about color’ to a final conclusion., but its done and ready to be released,,, so look for it later in the day…. and as well there are some super nice,  “gone south’ tricks to get you out of trouble  when it doesn’t work as planned, so check it out,

To be sure this DVD is about topcoat’s and getting that slick “warm butter’ feel , that we all love,,, and its can now be shown in a clear and understandable manner,, so like trace coating shows  when your done sanding and you have sanded properly this one shows you how to know when  “enough is enough ” and you have applied the proper finish as well as applied it correctly,,,, this is the one up until now we just couldn’t capture,, but we got it… no more guessing when spraying,, or brushing,, or even wiping,,, it’s the conclusion to all that we have done prior to. This is the one that allows me to show what I have learned about applying finishes for over 40 years,,,,

Ok back to work, still got some raised panels to make, and got the finishing class the next 3 days,,,,, so best get to the gettin… be safe y’all

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1 Response to Surprise …New DVD .. Waterbase Finishing

  1. Lim Peacock says:

    Ordered mine last night!

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