Vacation Photos

Thought we’d share a few photos from our vacation.

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It was a pleasant two weeks except for the stinkin’ hot weather!  But in all seriousness, getting these two client projects completed during the shutdown was a big relief.  In addition we were able to finish up the long overdue completion of a DVD.  I think we could have used another week but we’ll keep on keepin’ on!

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8 Responses to Vacation Photos

  1. Monte West says:

    Good morning:
    I have two or three questions. What kind of feet are on the Card table? I can’t tell. That looks like a Sugar Chest or is it a real Big Keeper Chest? What sheen did you get on all the pieces? All three pieces look great.
    Have a great day

  2. feet are wood, dyed black the front also opens with a small drawer,,, just didnt get a photo of it, sort of a secret drawer, you pull it open from underneath

  3. Lim Peacock says:

    Hey Charles!
    Where did you get the hinges for the chest? The pieces look terrific!

  4. Pitbull says:

    Love the inlay work.

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