Still Pie Safe’n

I have the dye and base paints on Crystals pie safe, today we scuff sand it and apply the white top coat,  I did a med brown dye, then a 1lb cut of shellac, then the green, and some white on the inside parts and inside, now it will get the scuff sand and another coat of shellac ,then the final white, the shellac is being done to insure the green does not bleed into the white, which it should be fine, but this is a bright white, and when applying lighter colors, especially when the paints have not fully cured,, it can bleed a little, so the shellac will cure that, then we do the sand thru and distressing, then a Vandyke glaze, to age it, which will be done over the first coat of finish, when dry it will get two more coats of waterbase finish and it will be done,,,

We also have the oak one ready to stain, its going water base ( GF) golden oak, and I blotched controlled it, for 2 reasons, one to raise and seal the grain down, and second it has a little curly figure in a couple of spots, not what I want, so the BC should equalize the surface and it will do fine, so its a simple stain and finish, then we go to the poplar one, which will be made to look like natural cherry, so I am told,, and I am good with that,,but we could also make it walnut,, or whatever,, but natural cherry it is.. we filmed up to getting the green on the pies safe yesterday, today the white, and some on the oak one,, then the final on the  painted pie safe on Monday or so,, want every thing to dry over the weekend before we do final finishes ,,, so that’s what we been doing , as well we will be filming the final show on the secretary,, then its sand and finish,,, and in the final show we will address the finishing schedule.

we will film some of the poplar pie safe and the conclusion of all of them,, and then they are done , and concluded.

There has been some discussion of us doing a bench as a  You Tube, but nothing has been decided, and I am not so sure it would be worth our while, alot of effort and expense with no return,, kind of how it works these days, there is just so much free stuff out there, good or bad it’s out there in a massive ocean,, so for us , seems just doing our show and client work is the way to go,, but time will tell,,, if any thing is done it will be fall at best,,, but between here and there we have alot of client work to get done, and will post some of it here , so keep an eye out .

Now its time to get some scuff sanding done and some paint going on,,, be safe  , later y’all

PS :   oh yea get ya a tee shirt   and apron,,,, 🙂

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10 Responses to Still Pie Safe’n

  1. Monte West says:

    It looks like you are as always still very busy. I have looked at your emails and the order form about the T-Shirts and I am a little confused. Which is easy. Do all the T-Shirts have something on the front and back?? If not this is the way I think they should be and the order form should be fixed. This is not clear on the order form.
    Did you not decide not to finish one of the Pie Safes with a oil finish? Was looking forward to seeing that. I did not know that Crystal’s Pie Safe would get so many coats of finish. I think you should make her do some of the finIshing. HA Ha

  2. we will do the cherry ( poplar)in oil… as well we could do all of them in a oil, just slower than a sprayed finish,,,, the oil will be GF Arm R Seal ,, my favorite,,, will have let Sherri adress the tee shirt thing,,

    Crystal is right in there helping with the finishing,, no issue

  3. Sherri says:

    Monte, the shirts with ‘Sneaking Up On It’ on the back are titled “Sneakin'” and the ones that only have Charles Neil Woodworking on the Front are called CNW Basic. Hard to please everyone but there are many who do not want anything printed on the back and therefore the two options. Both have sold and the shirts with printing on front and back are $3.00 more, had to consider this as well. It is also confusing as the larger sizes are listed separate because they cost more and they are not offered in all of the colors that the standard shirts are. I know it may be a bit confusing, but you just have to take your time and read the descriptions. There is a detail button on each shirt or apron, if you click on it, you can see the printing on all sides. Hope this helps in your confusion.


  4. Monte West says:

    Thank a lot. That cleared it up a lot. Will order when I get back.

  5. I’ve been advocating for Charles Neil Tee shirtsfor awhile. I’ll be sneekin up on it! Hope it goes well. Charles, I know how time gets away. Even when you think you know the time lines? But/and the projects have been ambitious. Even the pie safes have special things that take a little more time. I have enjoyed the quicky video on the modern furniture you have built for clients. The use of MDF was startling. Know it is stable but not in my newbee mentality.

    Paet of what goes on in the videos is your joy and enthusiasm for the build? It is infectious (sp?) You keep telling us “it’s just that simple” and for some it is? Others won’t “see one try one,” because it is still beyond them?

    I’d like to see chairs being built. The issues with hieght and stress in joints made a little clearer. My current life demands may not let me build a complicated…a lot of simple stuff put together…piece. I am shooting for this winter as I have heat in my shop. Might even get all of my equipment finally set up. The I’ll be “seeing one and screwing up one.” LOL And remembering what you have shown me,

    I’ve not had any furniture questions so I have not used the forum in awhile and I finally got the new websight on my favorites list so I don’t have to search email for the adress.

    What about the rest of the guys?

  6. Ben says:

    The YouTube stuff is how I found Charles Neil and what got me hooked, but it seems you’ve already got a lot out there. The pie safes alone are a LOT of free, good info. As the saying goes, “why buy the cow if you’re getting the milk for free?”. As for the shirts, cool! Now you just need one more that says “If it looks the same, it is the same” and you’ll have the two big fundamentals that you finally got through my head and that have really stepped up my game.

  7. Kenny474 says:

    This is the first I have heard of a bench build on YouTube? Are we talking a workbench, or just a “sit your butt on bench”? If it’s a workbench, then oh yeah, I could see some serious expense and time invested. I know full well about that, trust me I do. Unless it would be a very basic bench with just a simple tail and front vise and a row of dog holes, it’s going to get pretty involved and could get expensive in a hurry. Especially with material choice, as there is a lot of board footage in a good, heavy bench. Even a simple bench is a pretty big undertaking.

    I’d like to know more about this and what kind of bench it would be, if we’re talking workbench or not.

  8. yes Kenny a work bench ,,, a CN design 🙂

  9. Kenny474 says:

    Well now were talkin, a Charles Neil workbench! Now that’s something I could see myself getting very involved in!
    I know there will obviously be expenses involved, but with all the classes you hold it’s sure to come in handy. As well there are tons of newer woodworkers who need a good bench and don’t really understand what goes into making a truly functional bench that is durable and has good work-holding capability.

    I think that video series would be a sure winner, but there is still the major issue of finding time for it, and we all know that you have very little free time, and asking or expecting you to devote what little you do have to making a free video series is truly asking for a lot, maybe even too much.

    Whatever you decide is totally Ok with me. If it happens, good, if not, oh well.

    Maybe making a DVD series on it would be a better idea?

  10. yep Kenny thats the issue, time and expense for return, and there is not much in the way of return if any, so its definately on the back burner for the time being, we are actually fixing to shut down for several week so we can get caught up some,, clients are getting anxious , as well as wrapping up 2 DVD’s , got to have some time

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