Filming Pie Safes Today

We will be filming more on the pie safes today, and hope to have them ready to sand and finish,,, that brings all the online projects to almost complete,  a good thing, and gets me filmed ahead, several weeks, so I can have time to devote to client work, something I desperately need to do,,got several that really need wrapped up,,,

Was going to wrap the pigeon-hole door  ( prospect door) up, but discovered I need a different raised panel bit than I had, so it’s on order from Whiteside, the issue is that such a small door, and being a tombstone, your length of cut, meaning how far in it comes from the edge, can’t be alot because it then will make the arched top too “peaked” , and not a nice uniform flow, as well we have to carve the corners to complete the arch transition, not difficult, but sure makes a big difference, so the bit is ordered, and hopefully will be here first of the week and the secretary can be completely wrapped up, as far as construction goes, Ed is already working on the sanding and finish prep, so it wont be long.

I have some finishing classes tomorrow for some turners, that’s always interesting, turners are not usually very patient when it comes to finishes, they like to turn, and finish quickly, so we will work on that, I really like the General Finishes Endurovar , for this, it dries fast and makes for a super nice and durable finish,, I also like to be able to put the piece back on the lathe for mid coat sanding and final rub out, works well,,, I use the abralon or micro mesh for the final rub out, makes for a quick and efficient rub out,,, also allows total sheen control ,based on the  grit used.

Well its off to get the pie safes out of the back and blow the dust off and get to the gettin,, have a great July 4th, holiday and hope you get some shop time,, be safe

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3 Responses to Filming Pie Safes Today

  1. Charles,

    Sounds like a challenge, which you usually meet. And you will have some more “finishers out there? With endings there will be beginnings? Are there a lot of twitter followers? Seems we have few responses to the blog, but thanks for posting!

    You have met my needs in woodworking. Think it was something you said like all new is built on the old. LOL I will be fortunate to build a piece that has the craftsmanship you have taught me. Thanks! Although it may not be a Charles Neil Antique Built Daily? 🙂

    You had planned to do a video on chairs and other things had more importance at the time?

    With the advent of the inspired Sam Maloof rockers you and Randy did, I’d appreciate seeing the whole chair build? I enjoy watching and learning/relearning from the you tube video on chair seats.

    Tom/AKA DocSavage45

  2. Gerald Jensen says:

    Charles — I hope you’re going to take a little time off to celebrate our Independence!

    Thanks for all you do for us woodworkers, and have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July.

    — Gerald Jensen

  3. Eaton474 says:

    Charles, it’s interesting that you use the Endurovar, as it’s not something I have seen many turners use. Normally, from what I have seen from the turner’s I have watched and learned from, it’s some type of oil that can be applied on the lathe, a friction finish, waxes, lacquer or even CA glue.

    Myself, if I have the time and my lathe is free, I like to use oil finishes, with Minwax “Antique Oil Finish” being one of my favorites, though I have really taken a liking to Arm-R-Seal and Seal-A-Cell also. But I do like CA on pens, just super tough and shines nice, and it can be built to give incredible depth as well. I’ve used lacquer when I’m rushing, and polished, buffed and waxed stuff as well, but I still prefer oil over those.

    I’ll have to try the Endurovar though, as I’ve been happy with everything else you have suggested.


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