Couple Things You Might Like

When Randy was here he had a couple sanding paddles, he had made and covered with the metal sandpaper called Sandvik , which has been out of business for about 10 years , but they really performed well, and just never seemed to wear out, guess that is the reason they didn’t make it,  any way , the other day he emailed me and said he had found another such product,  so I decided to order some, it’s called NT Dresser , I got the med grit, and a extra course grit, with the aluminum handle,  really liked them, the med is actually pretty fine, would say about a 150 or 180 grit, I tried it on the edge of a tiger maple board and it did great, no clogging, and when I applied a dye it showed no sand scratches, they also have a fine and a course, so I decided to order the course plate as well, they have triangular and round shapes, I know at the moment they are out of the round ones and it will be approx a month before they are in stock again,  This product will go fast I feel sure, so don’t procrastinate, I know at the moment the inventory is a little low .

here is the link to their site and they were kind enough to link our site as well, but we have no affiliation other than we like the product, and I feel pretty sure you will as well., I really like this for shaping leveling and especially edge dressing, where you need decisive cutting , like leveling dove tails, or blocking a sawn edge, and to top it all off, it has an Ed approved rating,  and that’s not easy to get when it comes to anything for sanding, he really liked them especially for edge breaking and so forth,, here ya go

Ok speaking of Randy, want to remind you he is getting his west coast class together for the Maloof rocker,  so if interested email him,    , also while he was here  Tim Dorcus did some filming of the class and has put up a couple of you tubes you might like,  ,

Well for me its back to wrapping the secretary up, got to do some final things and filming,,,  so I’m off to do that,,, y’all be safe and



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4 Responses to Couple Things You Might Like

  1. Kenny says:

    Those NT Dresser sanders appear to be similar to the Dura-Grit stuff I had told you about. They look a bit different, but seem to be of the same basic idea, super long lasting sandpaper.

    I think I’m going to need to try some though, especially the little wedge shaped tool, looks really handy!
    Prices are quite reasonable too, $20 is not bad at all for an aluminum handled sanding block, at least not in my book!.
    Their prices seem pretty much inline with Dura-Grit’s, and if they last as long, they’ll be an awesome value!
    I know I’ve used the heck out of my Dura-Grit stuff, and it still cuts as good as day one.

    • been using it this morning on the pigeopn hole drawers, love it, and no sign of wear , sands in any direction

    • The NT dresser and the old Sandvik Sandplates are not paper made..but case anyone wants to know..I have the original Sandviks as well as these new NT Dresser plates..I have use my Sandviks for around 20 semi years..on virtually every project, with no sign of wearing down..this is why Sandvik discontinued them..they were too good..I have been asked from just about everyone who’s used my Sandplates where I got them at only to have to disappointe them by telling them they were discontinued.. I’m sure glad I found these NT. Plates..real glad..and everyone else who buys them will be too

  2. Bought one of the sanding paddles and immediatly tested it out. Seems to do the job. Got one with aluminum handle as I am rough on my tools. Sad to say. Will be purchasing other grits.

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