Wrapping Up The Show Secretary

The title say’s it all, hopefully today the pigeon holes will be complete or close, I am Soooooo   ready to be done with this one,  its great piece but it sure has been a long build, not sure where we could have cut corners on film time , but its been a long one.

When I am on camera my mind recalls , this piece or that piece, that we have built over the years and the issues we encountered, and I try my best to explain and show how to avoid those pitfalls,  and trust me , there have been a lot, but the objective is keep you from tripping over the same ones we did, its call’ed learning from experience , and seems  to me, to be the best way, the difference is your learning, from mine, sort of  a time warp, jump in time , or so we hope it is .

As soon as I get this secretary wrapped up, I am going to hand it over to Ed, to get it prepped for finishing,  He will get all the sanding done and everything blotch controlled, then we will do our “Natural Cherry” dye, as is in ” It’s all about color DVD”, and then we will finish it, not sure just yet of the top coat, debating between a  hand applied oil , or a water base , the oil will be much slower, but I do like a nice oil finish, so we will see how much time we have and go from there. The other issue with the oil, is there is sure alot of pieces and parts here,  especially when you break it all down, for example all the drawer bottoms and backs,  so forth,  I can do 3 coats of waterbase, sprayed and have them done in 1/2 a day, oil will need 3 coats as well, but it will take 3 days, so the more I think on it, the better the sprayed waterbase is looking,,, but again it will depend on how much time I have to devote to it .We will also have the pie safes ready to finish in the same time frame, as well as client pieces, so I just don’t know, both make for super nice and durable finishes, Oh well as Scarlet O’Hara from “Gone With The Wind”, said,  ” I will think on that tomorrow”, today os get these  *&%#@ pigeon holes and drawers all done. 🙂

ok well it’s off to chisel some angled dovetails, that’s always fun ya know, later y’all be safe

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12 Responses to Wrapping Up The Show Secretary

  1. Marty Miller says:

    Charles – This project is like a good long novel. You can’t stop reading and being involved, but at the end you can’t wait to move on to something new. This project has been a twisted road compared to the previous ones, but has been a tremendous education in new woodworking techniques. Do not stop discussing design and keep exploring the new and different.

    I would really like to see one of the projects – slant front or pie safe finished with an oil finish.


  2. John Leonick says:

    My vote is to use oil on the slant front. You have so much time invested already, what’s a few more days? I would like to see some spraying on the pie safes. Personally I use oil on my best pieces and waterbased, brushed or sprayed (still learning spraying) on more utitily pieces. The build was long but well worth the education, keep up the good work.

  3. Monte West says:

    Good morning Charles:
    I to would like to see you do one of the three projects in oil. The fourth will be painted. The reason is most of us on the East coast can and do use oil and like it’s finish look.
    Thanks for listening to us.

  4. Mike Galloway says:

    Just wondering if you have done much with General Finishes Enduro-Vars finishes? They say it’s a waterbase finishes that looks like an oil applied finishes when it is done. I have not tried it yet (need to build something first) but I am hearing good things about it from people who have brought it. Would be nice to find a product that can give you the best of both worlds without a lot of extra work.

  5. don says:

    You just have to do a short video on Ed sanding those “*&%#@ pigeon holes and drawers”.

  6. Hey Charles,
    Since I have come to know you you have ALWAYS been busy with multiple projects and timelines. Are you enjoying the build? You mentioned retirement? It is a forced slowing down and hard for a guy who is always on the run. Like a waterbased finish and an oil based finish. LOL Did both recently for a utilitarian project. A porch awning for my shop. And my work bench tops. The work bench tops went quickly and looked good and were water based. Now they are getting scratched very much quicker than I imagined. The oil finish was part of a three coat process figured it might last longer being an outside underside for the porch awning. Rained for days. No way to reduced humidity. And my frustration/patience was gone. 7 hrs dry time was three days.

    Saw a torpedo heater on a bench in one of the chair build photos? Given the heat where you are I’m wondering?

    The oil finish seems to have a tougher surface? I can see why you make your own 3 ply veneers as the plywood (material left over..free) in my bench is not going to last? If a piece of yours gets scratched (character and age) what do you recomend your clients do to treat it?


    Tom/AKA DocSavage45

    • hey Doc, said I was slowing it down a bit, not retiring, cant do that, wish I could, doubt I ever retire, as to the heater, I have several of them ,use them with the waterbase finishes, no issue, they make for faster drying especially in classes,

  7. Kenny says:

    I really, really hope you film some of you cutting the angled dovetails! It’s something I have tried over and over (in practicing) and have yet to have any real amount of success. They just never fit properly and I can’t understand it, as the angle is always off just a touch no matter how hard I try. Been really frustrating trying to learn it, and seeing someone who actually knows how would be extremely helpful.


  8. Jim M says:

    When you say oil what do you mean?

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