Finishing Class

It’s Monday morning and all is calm at the shop, the finishing class is over, and everyone went away with an understanding of finishing and spraying.

I had often thought of doing a show on spray finishing, but every time I have a class it becomes apparent its just not something you can do on film, you have to be able to see and feel  it, just that simple, and working with folks on things like how to set the spray guns up and get the correct patterns and viscosity is a hand’s on thing, you can get the basics in a video, but being able to see the correct sheen behind a gun to ensure you have enough finish to level out, and so forth  its just not easily done in a video, with that said I told Sherri we could schedule some classes for the fall, as well as a sugar chest class, and a rocker class, the rocker will be my rocker with some Maloof inspiration, I will get it made as soon as I can so folks can see it. The classes are definitely limited in number, and we not exceed it, just too hard and too much , I like it simple and calm.

Well for the next 3 months , I have no classes, and now its time to get the book completed and some DVD’s as well as client projects, so it will busy, but much better organized, and I won’t have to switch around so much,  that’s a good thing,  Just do my thing, and keep doing it. I really dislike being behind, but it happens, so now its catch up , get the plate clear, so if you don’t see alot of blogs and so forth you will know we are hard at it.

Here are some pictures from the finishing class and, all the guys, I certainly enjoyed having them here , and I hope they had fun and learned alot, they did alot of laughing and smiling, so that was a good thing.

Well I am off to get some things ready to wrap up the show secretary and some more on the piesafes,  so got alot to do, y’all be safe

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1 Response to Finishing Class

  1. I believe that hands on guidance is necessary for people to get a feel for the task. The videos are inspirational, and your stylle of teaching is like having you there. And that said, your watchful eyes and years of learning can help people to get a feel for the work much quicker. You have gotten to the “teaching place” you were wanting to be in so many videos ago. LOL The book, I think will be another vehicle for learning. I am using some of your basic tennants now and spending more time in construction by pre finishing even my carpentry/maintenance projects. I now understand that I REALLY must be PATIENT in cutting and assembly, and recognize how it is a 1/16th off. I am measuring three times, and sneaking up on it! Because of my financial situation and the time requirements I may never get to meet you in person. My loss! And ….I am also thinking inside and outside the box/carcass LOL! Thank you for improving my woodworking experience.

    Tom/aka DocSavage45

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