Everybodys Rockin

Class is over , everyone left with a rocker, all have some more rasping and sanding to do, but they all made it thru.

This was an intense class, long days and lots of work, but it evolved well, as all first classes do , this was the first time I ever did a class not knowing fully how everything was done, but Randy pulled it all thru.

Having now observed the rocker and the fashion in which it is made, as well as changing the means of work in the class, as we went, with things like grinders and power carvers, and so forth, many of the really laborious and time-consuming things were much improved, as well ,one of the time issues was the hand shaping of the spindles, and the tenons, I have ordered some hand style cutters that I think will greatly improve accuracy and speed, so now its my turn to build one , sort of  a  Charles Neil version if you will.

While I like and admire the rocker , for me personally there are some subtle changes I would like to make, like raising the seat height and maybe how the seat is made, but it will be a little bit before I get to experiment, but when I do will let you know.

I had mentioned in an earlier blog Randy is considering a west coast class if you have an  interest or want to know more email him   Randall_child@yahoo.com and he will be glad to discuss it with you, if you have ever wanted to learn how to sculp and shape wood as well as build a Maloof rocker, you will not be disappointed,,

So now I have one more class end of this week, ( finishing) and that’s all that is scheduled, so now its time to catch up alot of loose ends and finish some projects that seemed to find their way to the back burner despite all good intentions not to have that happen, but sometimes life just get’s in the way, but for me , when it does, I just buckle down and keep pushing forward, exactly what I am doing now!

As I write this Randy will be boarding his plane to head back to California, and everyone else should be home and all safe and sound, so this class will now be one for the history book, but to say Randy and all the guys knocked these rockers out the park is an understatement, remember this was basically 5 1/2 days.., wonder how long it took Sam 🙂

Here are some pictures of the class and the rockers,,, enjoy and be safe

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9 Responses to Everybodys Rockin

  1. Carl says:

    yeah buddy, that was an intense week! Was worth it and I met 3 great guys (already knew Neil & Jeff). btw, Tim…..you left your tripod :)! Randy, thanks for all your help my west coast friend….and remember the 911 call! “Joe”, don’t forget to post pictures as soon as you finish, ok?

  2. don says:

    The rockers sure look good; nice to see some ‘West Coast Style Woodworking’ back in The Workshop of Old Virginia… 🙂

  3. Randy says:

    I gotta say I was really happy how it all turned out..all you guys pulled together and we really made it happen..

    Yes..I will be doing a west coast class and all that are interested, please e mail me so I know how many want to participate..you too, can have a beautiful rocker and I would be honored to teach ya.. Charles, thanks for guiding me on how to teach..the lesson was invaluable and will not be forgotten..
    Carl.. loved our lunches together and the hilarious stories you told.. your a real friend.. Jeff..I really enjoyed finally meeting you..it was great..pleasures all mine..

    Tim.. I want to keep in touch bud..you too Steph..you both did a fabulous job..I know it was a hard class..but you guys really did it well..thanks all..

  4. Tim Dorcas says:

    As one of the students of the class, I have to express how much I learned, . I had never shaped wood, used a rasp or a grinder for that matter. While I still have tons to do before my Maloof Rocker is done, I am already looking forward to my next chair of my own design. A big thumbs up to Charles and Randy for putting on the class and big thanks to my classmates for their enthusiasm, encouragement, and in some cases just helping with the clamps! I am looking forward to seeing the final results.

  5. Tim Dorcas says:

    There are also a few more pictures at http://bit.ly/leac2T.


  6. Jeff says:

    I will 2nd and 3rd all the comments about the class. I took the class because I never built a piece of furniture that required carving and shaping. It was a wonderful class and Randy did an excellent job keeping us on track and explaining the ins & outs of the Maloof rocker. I now have a true appreciation of what you can do with a grinder and a rasp! Randy is a magician with a rasp!!!

    I highly recommend you take the class if you have the opportunity!

  7. Looks like you all had a great timre and walked away with a rocker! Plus a whole bunch of new understanding. Congratulations to you all!

    Charles I’ve been looking for grinders to take agressive cuts with some margin of saftey. Looks like you have a few. Who makes em?

  8. Pitbull says:

    Awesome guys. That is a sick ass build. Charles did you hint at building your style of these for the MWW series????? Thanks for the extra pics as well Tim…we all are living the dream vicariously through them.

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