Still Whittling ,

Now they are begining to look like Maloof rockers , Randy has worked really hard to see that everyone understand these rockers, and observing his passion for them , and his desire to have everyone have as good a rocker as possible really shows,.

Oh there are some hickups, some things we should have done differently, to speed it up but all in all alot of work has been accomplished in a week, class goes thru tomorrow, and all we have left is the arms and rockers, then its alot of hand sanding and some final shaping, and sanding, which will be done at home, I dont think you could do one of these , especially the first one,in a week , completely finished, as well the pace of a class, isn’t the best format , everyone does better in their own shop at their own pace, I know I do, and I could maybe pull one of these off in about 50 hours or so its the “or so” thing that could make a big difference.

Everyone has been asking if we will be doing another, perhaps, and Randy is thinking of doing one on the west coast, so we shall see, but if we do it will definately be cooler weather, it has been quite hot, and the little window Ac units are not keeping up, so maybe its time to up grade to some new and bigger units, but it hasnt been uncomfortable, except for in the back of the shop, which is where we have been gringing seats and things, one of the things we have done is to use the grinders, to do alot of the rough shaping, that Sam bandsawed, but we just felt was too unsafe , so the grinders, while somewhat slower, have done the job well, and the speed isnt all that slow, but much slower, so now having done this first class, we have identified several areas it can be improved and tweaked, but that is always the case, its that live and learn thing, and thats exactly what we are all doing.

Well off to see how everyone is doing.. be safe Y’all

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3 Responses to Still Whittling ,

  1. Wow, That’s a lot of sawdust! ::)

  2. Bob Miller says:

    West Coast Class?? How can we find out more about this Charles? This really looks like a great build!!!

  3. I’m glad to see this class coming off so well.

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