Getting There

The Maloof rockers are starting to take shape, it has been alot of work, made alot of saw dust, and we will all be here on Saturday as well, days are running from 7:30 to 6 or 6:30 , short break for lunch and back at it.

This is a big undertaking in a week, but persistence is winning, we have gone hard but also taking the time to get it right, in my world we have been able to speed some processes up with different tooling, like edge sanders and router cuting, and various power carving and grinders, but there is still alot of work , everyone will have alot of hand shaping and sanding when they get home, but the rocker will be built and they will be in control and know what they are doing, that was the goal.

Having never built this style of chair, I was anxious to see it evolve, and learn from it, I think I have it, now to refine the build, thats what I like to do, basically take a design and figure out ways to improve the build process, not changing anything, just streamlining and simplyfing it, but one thing I can tell you, no matter what, there is alot of good old woodworking that goes into these rockers, rasp and files, and for me some spoke shaves and such.

We will keep you posted as we move along

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6 Responses to Getting There

  1. It would appear that these guys came to the class with some pretty good skills? They will probably have a better appreciation and knowledge when it is over. Keep on Rockin!


  2. I would have screwed up a bunch in this short of time period, but I’m a novice, LOL


  3. trust me Doc, there have been some mistakes, but when doing something like this, we stay right with them to avoid any major issues,

  4. Keep up the good work “Big Dawg”! Bet you guys aren’t eating any big lunches! 🙂

  5. Monte West says:

    It is good that you had a few minutes to post this morning.
    Looking at the dust everywhere all of you are staying busy including Jeff except when he is sitting in his unfinished Rocker. Keep up the good work and tell Crystal to take more pictures, they are great for us that are at home.

  6. Kenny says:

    Looking good Charles. That is one class I think we all would have loved to attended. To not only learn from you, but Randy as well, now that would be a treat! And I think I could likely find a spot in the homestead for a Maloof rocker as well.

    Funny thing though, I never expected to see that little Ridgid belt/drum sander in your shop. They are a neat little machine, and I love mine, works real well. Just didn’t expect to see it there. But with all the sanding and shaping needed, I would imagine you had to bring in whatever was available. Heck, if it lasts through that class, I don’t think I’ll need to worry about mine giving up for some time!

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