Off To Get The Wizard !

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and its hotter than  @*(&% ,  about 95 or so, and the humidity is out the moon from all the rain. AC’s running wide open, but it’s still a mite warm.

     Carl Letts came up , he is taking the Maloof rocker class, so he and I are headed out to get Randy at Dulles airport,  its bout a 2 or 3 hour drive from here, so it will be about 10 or 11 before we get home, then up in the morning and rock and roll, getting wood processed and ready to go, also , want to pick his brain on veneers and marquetry, I like what I have seen him do, in turn I will work with him on finishing, so we definitely have a busy week and a half ahead,  the class starts on Monday, so its rock and roll, will get some pictures and try  to show you what we are doing.

    Just wanted to stick my head in the door and say hello , and let everyone know whats cooking. So its off to see the Wizard and lot of work, later y’all.

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One Response to Off To Get The Wizard !

  1. I hope ya’ll had a good trip and that this visit and class works out great. Stay cool guys.
    I already know your all the coolest. 🙂

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