Goals Reached and Rock and Roll

Again I say “Thank YOU” for helping us reach our Wounded Warrior goal, we are now at 5300.00 , we did good, real good !

     I pick Randy Child up tomorrow night at the airport and then Thursday we get in to the Maloof  rocker , as well I have to get 2 shows filmed and all sorts of other stuff, so for me its  going to be a super busy time, and looks like some late nights, but that’s OK,  I can handle it , just got to do  “what ya got to do” and keep on doing it, and liking it, or feeling like it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

     I am glad to see many of you took advantage of the special deal we put together with Apollo, you will be delighted with the gun and system’s, I assure you, especially if you want to spray water base finishes, It just don’t get any better, I am still amazed at how much difference this gun makes, it really does.

     I am quite late, but decided to put a small garden in, but we have had so much rain , it just hasn’t been possible to  work the  ground, now we are having record heat, go figure, but anyway, I been doing alot of tilling and digging, something I like to do, and getting all hot and sweaty , maybe I can shed some of this 40lbs  I gained, sure hope so.

     I am not going to plant the monster garden I usually do , about 25 x 40 , that’s enough, well maybe,  seems when I get to planting, I always find some extra dirt, and well , you know the rest, I just like watching it , grow. I really don’t have the time, but decided I’m just going to take the time. That stop and smell the roses thing, in this case it will be “tamaters” and some zucchini and peppers and a little squash and some corn and some cabbage, and cucumbers,  and maybe 2 or 3 other things,  ( just remembered that extra dirt 🙂 ), but in any case, got to get it in the ground, so got to get the ‘haul butt” in gear. got most of the tilling done so we will make it .

    Ok got to get to the gettin, y’all stay cool and safe , later

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2 Responses to Goals Reached and Rock and Roll

  1. Garden’s Good! Being outside is good. Charles, if you slow it down ya gotta take in fewer calories. lol 🙂 Just thought it was my eyes on your last pie safe video. 🙂

    Enjoy the time with Randy in the Maloof class. Another adventure. Lookin forward to the video.


  2. Monte West says:

    I don’t believe that the garden will help you lose weight if you are writing a book and eating junk food.
    All I hope out of you in the next is hopefully some pictures of the chair build. That would be great. Please try to have fun with this build. Will this chair build be in the Chair DVD?

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