FIRST Place Honors go to…………………………

the ACE Team from Calvine High School!  We just received a package from the ACE Students out in California.  Some of you have seen them posting on the forum as they prepared their entries for the NorCal A.C.E. Competition, well……..our boys brought home First Place in Design-Build.  Guys, congratulations!  You ROCK!

They sent us their Plaque!!!!  Oh my goodness…….words cannot express how proud we are of these kids.  Eric, Les and Patrick graduated last Thursday from Calvine and each of them are going on to pursue degrees in Engineering, Architecture, and Construction Management respectively.  The Best to you guys from a nation of woodworkers!

So, below you can check out the photos of Charles opening the package, but I want to share the card as well,

“Dear Mr. Neil & Sherri:  Eric, Pat and I would like to thank you both for all you have done to support us and our program.  Three weeks ago we entered the Northern California ACE competition and we WON!  After the competition we talked to the judges who said that they were impressed with our detailed finishing process, our story board and our sliding dovetail joinery.  All of which we learned from you.  Thank you again for all you do!”

Eric, Les, Patrick


Charles & I will proudly wear our Calvine Cougars Hoodies!

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5 Responses to FIRST Place Honors go to…………………………

  1. WOW , maybe I shouldn’t have combed my hair with a air hose, but I don’t care, I am sooooooooooo proud of these guys, they have been a huge delight for me,,, way to go guys

  2. Carl says:

    with all the “fans” you have, it’s no wonder your hair looks wind blown!

  3. Randy says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say you’ve made a huge impact on these kids lives..and one the lives of the rest of us too.. great job on being a role model for kids Charles.. God knows we need role models in today’s world..

  4. Monte West says:

    Great Job and I know you are proud to be included in there success. I hope the next time you comb your hair.

  5. Wonderful results as with everyone you mentor Charles, they come out on top.
    Love the photo’s
    Thank you for being you Charles the world is so much better because your here.

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