Update and Stuff

We are currently at 2025.00 on our wounded Warrior fund-raiser, thanks to all, I am still hoping for at least 3k by Memorial day !  so please help those who help us if you haven’t.

     I am in the middle of a large case, right now its pieces and parts, this is bit different for me,  I am building a plywood case and then applying a frame and panel facade , of cherry and curly cherry raised panels, when I get a little further along and have some thing to show, I will get some pictures.

    I am also back on the Demi Lune tables, now getting all my patterns spaced and laid out for all the “bell flowers”, I have done alot of work on these, basically getting the form  correct as well as being able to ” graduate them down the leg “, as I mentioned in another blog, and as soon as I have these ready , we will show that as well, its been interesting, making patterns to cut these small flowers as well as cutting the matching inlays, sort of  an eye crosser ,  get a headache, and all that stuff, its been tough, again I should have just carved the things and been done, but figured once I have it patterned out, then we can have some patterns for everyone and perhaps , some of our projects can take on a “new thing”, so we shall see how that goes, I do have them done, now I just have to get them all spaced and do the leg, basically setting it up  with a strip of cherry ,that lies on the leg and down the leg I go, then same for the veneer inlays, using the same strip and a smaller guide, I zip out the inlays,  well that is the plan anyway,,,again, I say, I have done alot of pattern cutting , in my time, but this really small stuff is a bit of a challenge  🙂

     Randy will in here next week, and then we have the rocker class, then I have a finishing class, Then I think its time to look at classes and see what we want to do with them.

      I do have to say, I think we can now, reduce the finishing class, down to 2 days and it should be better named , a spray finishing class, because that becomes the focus, especially if they have been thru A to Z , and Its All About The Color  DVD’s, just makes a huge difference, and allows specific issues to be addressed, and then the spray thing , it just works so well..every one of the guy’s who left here can spray a finish, they will need to keep practicing, but they got it, they know exactly how , what and why, they will do fine,,, and one thing I do have to say, while DVD’s are a great teaching method, that one on one and seeing it , when it comes to spraying, is a huge help.. so we will see where we go with it.

    Ok , need some more coffee, and get to the gettin, got alot to do , be safe , later y’all

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