Same Stuff , Different Day

I been going pretty strong, had alot to get done, and we have a finishing class end of the week,  still working on the Demi Lune tables, been working on the string inlay and bell flowers for the legs and aprons,  will have some pictures later , been working on doing them  CN style, meaning fast and effective, so after cutting and chiseling, and sand shading, and so forth, I thought  Humm ? ,,,, so get me some 1/16 straight router bits, my router guides, pulled out the scroll saw, and commenced,  took a bit of time,  fiddling and tweaking, and getting the jest of the thing, but I got it, I can use a router to clean out the inlay and then also cut the veneer, sweet,  so now 100 or so bell flowers and the string inlay doesn’t seem so daunting,  he he  he…. maybe a little out of the box, but hey, once ya got it, ya got it…. like anything else, you’re not sure of, just dive in and stay with it until you master it,  works for me !

Today, I will inlay several different style of the bell flowers, and see which one the clients likes and then its rock and roll and wrap these tables up,,,,, so stay tuned,

We have asked how many would like to do the Demi Lune in the mastering woodworking show, havent had alot of responses, so it would be nice to hear from you.

Speaking of the  MWW show, here are some finial choices, we will be looking at to see what you think should go on the cherry slant front secretary , so even if you’re not a show subscriber, let me know your opinion on the finials, the bottom “block” is called a capital, the middle , we will call a finial base and of course the flame, on the ball-shaped base, the flame is 1/2 shorter and a bit ‘fatter’  Than the cup shaped one,,, so let me know what ya think

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26 Responses to Same Stuff , Different Day

  1. Ben says:

    I’ll vote for the cup shaped base without the capital.

  2. Rich says:

    Right side bottom looks good to me.

  3. Marty Miller says:

    I like the third choice with the capital. The slant front and secretary is massive enough that it needs a finial with more substance.

    Another vote for the Demi Lune table as the next project. In addition to the marquetry, I would like to see your techniques for string inlay and inlay banding.


  4. JimM says:

    Bottom right looks good. No interest in inlays at this time.

  5. Lim Peacock says:

    I like the tapered, thinner finial and I have always wanted to make a Demi Lune table.

  6. Carl says:

    I like the middle left…has a more elegant look in my opinion….. like the pigeon holes with 3/16 rather than 5/16″

  7. Carl says:

    oh, and “yes” to inlays

  8. I’ve been checking out the mastering woodworking videos. Some of it is far beyond my beginner status. And tools. I enjoy watching you figure it out. Might not have the patience to produce all those flowers. LOL

    Regarding the flame and base I think it should move with the rest of the piece?

    I’m all for seeing your approach to intarsa (sp?) and the more subtle inlays although I won’t be veneering for awhile…:)


  9. Oh yeah thanks for changing the picture to match all the dandelions growing in my yard. LOL


  10. Kenny says:

    Bottom right finial looks nice.

    And I think you know how I feel about the table.

    And just a note, if we do go with the table, you guys don’t “need” to inlay it, that’s the best part of woodworking, you can make whatever you build your own. Inlay if you want, build the table whatever shape you want, really just modify the basic design into whatever suits you and your particular taste, style and ability. Just because Charles makes a round table with a fan and flower inlay, doesn’t mean you can’t make a square table with banding around the top edge and string inlay on the legs and apron.

    The techniques for applying one type of inlay can often be applied to others, as well the shape of a table doesn’t matter if you understand how to construct the framework. Plans are just a rough idea, and nobody says you “need” to follow them to the T. It’s your shop, make it how YOU want.

    As far as tools go, guys were inlaying well over 100 years ago with very basic tools, never mind electricity, I’m sure you can manage with the advantages we have today. You don’t need a million dollar shop, just simple tools that are pretty common in most shops and a few veneer tools (veneer saw is key) and you CAN do this.
    Remember, you will never learn or advance if you always feel that something is out of your league. Jump in feet first and TRY. I think you will find more often then not you can succeed. I somehow manage with next to nothing for tools and just basic skills.


  11. Al Gunther says:

    I vote for the one with the capital. The table as the next project is fine with me, I am interested in the inlay process, the type of table does not matter.

  12. Bob Miller says:

    I’m not a subscriber, though I’d like to be! Maybe some day. Anyway, I like the middle one on the left, without the capitol.


  13. Eddie Howard says:

    bottom right and the table would be great — with the ice cream of course (inlay)

  14. tman02 says:

    I think the first ones look the best; the others look too tall for the piece.

  15. Bob Revell says:

    I vote for middle left finial style and would really like to learn about the Demi Lune table process. Keep pushing us big guy !

    Hot Springs Bob

  16. Wayne Raley says:

    Like number three the best. Not too interested in the demi-lune table and inlays at this point in time. Would prefer a piecrust table with ball and claw feet instead.

  17. It’s a little hard for me to select a finial with out seeing a full shot of whole piece . Since I can’t do that I guess my choice is the center left with the urn shape it tends to blend with the goose neck better than the square base or the more simple versions . As far as the inlay goes It’s great go for it, if we don’t use this technique now then we will later. The whole Demi lune table might come later. Like I’ve told you before Charles I’ll watch if you make finger puppets or even a cake :)) Your a great teacher, so I know what you decide to have a show on I will learn from and enjoy.

  18. Rob says:

    3 middle left might even make it a little thinner
    table sounds good agin anything you build I’m learning

  19. Kenny says:

    After looking at this more, I still like the bottom right, but feel the capital needs to be shorter. Keep it there, but knock it down a bit, maybe half it’s current height?

    Also, if you could put up a picture of the entire piece with a finial in place that would help. Don’t need to see all of them, just one would help judge their size in comparison to the piece itself.

  20. James H says:

    I’d go with the middle left also, without the capital. The square capital on top clashes with those beautiful curves. The first one is just a little to small for the massive secretary, but it’s hard to imagine without the whole picture.

    I don’t necessarily vote for the Demi Lune tables , actually I’d vote against it, but I would love to see some inlay/marquetry in the next build.

  21. Monte West says:

    I have to go with the bottom right. It has the size and the detail to go with the size and the detail of the pigeon holes of the Secretary.
    Keep on making wooden Flowers. Ha Ha

  22. Jeff Fleisher says:

    Middle left is a winner!

  23. Bill Wayland says:

    Charles, I much prefer the cup or urn shaped base on the capital on the outer finials. I took pictures of some variations at The Ford Museum where the center base and flame are identical to the out side, but without the capital. This would cure the height problem and not require chopping down the current facia to add the capital in the middle position. I sent the pictures to you at the Hotline address? Not sure they will get to you that way.

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