Still Working , And Learning

This inlay thing can be addictive , seems the more you do the more you learn and the more you learn the more you want to do, or so it seems.
I completed the fan inlays for the tops, because these are Demi Lune style, one leaf folds over the other, to create a 1/2 top, then opens on to gate legs on the base to form a full table, so each table requires 3 fans, so I had to do a total of 6 fans, here they are out of the vacuum press and the veneer tape removed, they need some scraping and cleaning, but other wise they are done, we may do a center inlay at the center points, will see what the client wants, this is sort of design as we go,  type of thing, the little bell flowers, are not working for me, need to do some different ones, typically they look alot like a wasp seen from aerial view, I will do some pictures when I get them done, another description is they are much like a honey suckle flower, these will be pretty tedious, as the legs are only 1 1/2 at the top and taper on 4 sides to a 5/8 foot,so more to follow.
In tonight’s show we have a quick little tutorial on how we did these, and what we have learned so far, just so you get an idea of how to get started, this would make a great winter, in the kitchen woodworking thing.
Well I have to film to-day and get alot done, so guess its time for me to get cookin, , so y’all be safe and I’ll catch ya later !

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4 Responses to Still Working , And Learning

  1. Marty Miller says:

    Charles – they look great. Looking forward to more details in the tutorial in the next show.


  2. Kenny Eaton says:

    As always, you never cease to amaze. Looking awesome, simply awesome.

    Your adventure in sand shading prompted me to try it myself. And although my results are improving, I am still a good bit behind you. I have been experimenting with holly and maple veneer, and some maple I ripped to 1/32″, and have been using fine sand from Quickrete (which is really fine BTW) in a cast iron skillet on an electric hot plate. My first attempts were a bit “smoky” and a wee bit burnt, but I’m getting better. Playing with heat, sand depth, depth of wood in sand, time in sand, etc. All blind experimentation, but I gotta start somewhere, right?

    Maybe I’ll get some decent results in the end, which will be nice. But I plan to keep trying until I get acceptable results, however long that takes. Nobody ever succeeded by quitting!


  3. Are these from a traditional or contemporary piece? Nice job big dawg.

  4. Very nice work Charles, working and learning is what it’s all about . Your always up for a challenge and you always make it come out just right. I’m impressed,so what else is new.

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