Web Site One More Time

Well the site has had alot of work done to it, and more to go, so check this out, personally I like it,  I realize you have to scroll down, but everything is on the same page, no hunting, it’s all there, and as well the forum remains and will,    so take a few and check it out and let us know your thoughts  http://cnwoodworking.squarespace.com/

    Today I am continuing on my inlays and working them all out, think I’m ready to dive in and do the real deal,, so feel sure there will be some sweaty arm’s , but got to get it done,,, play time is all but over, but I will make a final run to be sure I have it all good to go,

   In case anyone missed it # 20 on the pie safe is up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrcqUGx2alI

So off to heat some sand,, later y’all

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11 Responses to Web Site One More Time

  1. That looks great everything right where anyone would need it. The only little thing I noticed is that the scroll of all your work seems very slow to start and then runs a what I would consider a normal pace after a little bit of watching. I really enjoyed see all the still shots ,even though I have looked at your web site dozens of times I don’t think I’ve seen all of those shots before. You are doing a great job of putting this site together.

    • Hey Jim, good to hear from you. I checked the settings, the delay at the beginning of the slide show must be from the content loading the 32 photos. Thanks for pointing it out, as I build the site sometimes I don’t notice when something isn’t looking correct because I am looking at it over and over again.


  2. mikega says:

    Sherri the web site is looking great! Very user friendly.

  3. Monte West says:

    Hi Sherri:
    I can say for sure that this New web page looks a whole lot better than the first one and the first remake. I like it very much and it’s very easy and fast. So far I have no complaints.
    You and your staff have done a great job doing the new and improved Web site.

  4. David Harms says:

    looking great, would like to see you promote / highlight the show more on the main page, lets keep the show growing ! 😀

    • Hey David, trying to figure out just how to do that without disturbing the look of the site. We’ll see what we come up with in days to come! Thank you so much for the feedback. It was important for us to define the purpose of the site and stay with it. We aren’t trying to win any design awards, we are trying to have a VERY user friendly site yet get the information to the viewers, whether old or new.

  5. Jay Highland says:

    WOW! Nice update. Looks so clean, and so complete – everything is there. Good job Sherri, will enjoy using this. Also, thanks for not changing the forum setup

    • For now, the forum and the store are still the same with links from the new site, as well as the ‘Mastering Woodworking’ site. I will continue to work toward getting everything in a new, easier to use format but there are some things I will have to give up in order to get there. Right now, the goal is to build the new site while having everything still accessible. Thanks for the feedback, it is so very important.

  6. James Lockard III says:

    love it!

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