Web Site will Have a New Look Very Soon

Spent the day working on a “MakeOver” for our web site.  Our goal is to make it easy to navigate and put all of the important stuff on the front page where one click will get you to most of the places you want to go.

Here’s where you come in.  As I work on this site, it is available for the viewing at www.cnwoodworking.squarespace.com.  It would be totally awesome if some of you took the time to check out some of the new format and kind of give us some feedback.  We think everything is going to flow really well.  It will be sometime before it really goes live because we have to do a lot of building and then the show site and so on.

At this point, my thought is that we will be doing away with the forum as you now know it because each blog, each video will have it’s own comment section so you can ask your questions and make comments on the individual pages.  Let me hear from you and the page may change within minutes as it gets built, so if you are up to it, check it out…..Sherri

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20 Responses to Web Site will Have a New Look Very Soon

  1. Ron Allison says:

    Sherri – Here are my first impressions of the new site and some questions –

    I’m not a fan of the black background with the white lettering. I find this kind of hard to read. I think black letters on white/light backgrounds are much easier on the eyes.

    I notice that only some of the video tips that are on the current site are on the new one. Is this just for the purpose of testing and we wouldn’t be loosing access to any of the current video tips. I hope so as I refer to them quite often.

    I would hate to see the forum be abandoned. While there are many questions asked about specific projects, there are many more asked relative to general woodworking, finishing etc. I know that Charles is busy and doesn’t always have time to answer these but there are some members that frequent the forum that provide good support. Please reconsider getting rid of the forum.

    Hope this is helpful,

    • Sherri says:

      Thanks for the feedback Ron, every video we have ever done will be on the new site as well, I just started working with it today but was pleased with the advancement this far.

      I’ll maybe play with a few other color templates, maybe some others have some feedback on this as well. Personally, I find it easier without the bright background so that is why I probably always go for the dark ones!!! Tis why I posted the blog so I can get some feedback.

      We will still have a ‘Discussion’ area but it won’t be set up as it is now, it will be much easier to use because it will be threaded. As I continue to add stuff (I’ve added a lot more this evening from home) we’ll continue to review the feedback. At this point, I really need to know if it seems easier and more straight forward to navigate.

  2. Nice Job Sherri! As you said “work in progress”. Moving around was easier. Found some of the “OLD” Charles’ videos refreshing to see. Quality on some was marginal but they were from WAAAAAY back. Was suprised to see a Frank Klaus dovetail drawer making short. LOL that always intimidated me. I like the new info on Charles that I did not know, or missed over the years. Will althe information eventually be transfered?


    • Sherri says:

      All and some extra, this evening I was looking for photos, there will be a photo gallery like never before seen! From our outings across the country as well as furniture, shop and class shots, that’s exciting to me as we have all these photos and they just sit on a computer!

      I am stoked and other than the fact I will be gone the next 3 days, excited to keep adding and working on everything. I can guarantee that until it is complete it will only be a work in progress, the other site will be up and running until then.

  3. David Harms says:

    Looks to be a very good step in the right direction!!

  4. Jay Highland says:

    I don’t fully understand what effect that your getting rid of the forum has on us all (or how it helps you either). For myself, I would miss being able to keep up to date by cicking on the “unread posts” and reading all that I have missed since my last visit. If I had to click each individual project to see updates, I probably wouldn’t come back every few days – would be too much to bother with.

    The white print on black isn’t my first choice for reading with ease on the eyes. Reminds me of the old DOS days, and monochrome monitors – that era is dead.

    Otherwise the new layout holds promise, looks easy to get places from the home page.

  5. Today I’m working with a different color scheme, comments?

    • Wondering about other components of the current site? You have the store for purchasing The Master Woodworkers webinar, but it isn’t listed on new page. I have to wear glasses to read and I could read the light letters on dark background. lol The current combination now looks like this site but now I have to strain to read it.. So Lem’s comment about bigger font might apply here, but the new bio might get lost?

      I’m guessing you’d like the site to POP a bit and a colored bacground can give that impression. the lighter colors on white seem to fade a little? If I remember, and it was a while ago there is a problem with reds and greens together as the eye has trouble distinguishing maybe one of the docs who reads the posts can comment?

      I stand with my impressions of your first choice, but I know you are seeking a common ground.

      When I go to the forum I see people read but do not comment, and even a cotrary comment can stimulate discussion? I am sad to see few posts on the forum re: the Pie Safe. It is the only webinar of its type out there. And I think wearing a bit on Charles?

      My impression of the forum re layout is a cramped feeling? Great shared info, even w/out Charles comments when he is doing his superman thing, but it might be nice to see more user commentary. I ask my questions there as Charles wanted me to do cause I use to send email. (It was easier for me.)

      • Not all components will be on the new site until it is actually the new site! Be Patient Grasshopper! LOL!

        I can play with the fonts a little as well as color, this was just a standard template.

        thanks for the feedback

  6. Don says:

    I like the layout and am happy to see the Bombe build prominently on top, still my favorite video

  7. Hi Charles and Sherri
    I think the idea of having a link to every thing you’ve done is great. I’m sorry but the part of Charles Bio that says he doesn’t want to entertain or impress is lost on me because Charles has done nothing but impress and entertain me from day 1 .
    I guess as far as the rest of it goes I think a little bigger font for these older eye’s would not hurt. I know what ever you guys come up with will be quality and ever improving like it has been for the last 3 plus years. Thanks for all the extras you guys give to all of us.

  8. Have adjusted font size and colors. Comments?

  9. Ben says:

    Looking good, but I’ll throw my vote to the first color scheme with the dark background. I think it looks a little classier. I’m not sure about the changes to the forum – got to admit I’m like Jay, I go in everyday and read the “unread entries” even when I don’t comment. Whatever you do, I’m sure I’ll keep on reading and waching.

  10. Ron Allison says:

    The new site is much easier to read now and looks better all around in my opinion. I noted that you have included the ‘General Forum’, I hope that you have decided to keep it. All in all it’s looking pretty good. You’ll never succeed though in satisfying all of us though!


  11. John Leonick says:

    When trying to view the latest pie safe video it starts with #1 and I have to page several times to get to the latest episode. I think it would be more convienent to start in reverse order. The new WEB page looks and works well.

  12. scott says:

    I like the new look. The message from you explaining how you came to woodworking is a great touch. It is right there, at the beginning, where it should be. The invitation to contact and share is a plus. Thanks Charles. -scott

  13. Monte West says:

    Just looked at the answers about the website. (Been Gone) I looked this morning and noticed that the colors have changed. I think I looked at it for a minute a few days ago and did not like the color. It is easier to read. It was hard to read. Have you already changed the color? As far as text size, that easy to change on my home computer. I don’t know what I think about the forum. I know it has been a lot of trouble in the past and takes a lot of Charles time. I do think it’s needed for the show.
    Have a Fun day.

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