A Woodworking Genius

That would be me,  piesafe # 18 is up, watch if you want, but watch the blooper blurb just after the end credits,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U5DkJT-S5c

this is woodworking at its finest,,, 🙂

yea yea yea, , ya got to watch those credit things, its quick so watch close,

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5 Responses to A Woodworking Genius

  1. Eddie Howard says:

    Oh man!!! I have to clean coffee off the screen and desk — just speued (spit) it everywhere (lol)!!!

  2. Jim Brink says:

    Do you know where everyone was at the time of this incident? Apparently sometimes the camera girl wonders from her post.

  3. Crystal says:

    Camera girl was THERE – and caught it on film! 🙂 Ya’ll are always begging for bloopers, there usually aren’t any, but I couldn’t resist. He had just finished talking to wrap a segment up and I hadn’t shut the camera off yet.

  4. Hey I remember when you were just starting! Like the natural charles Neil video feel. 🙂

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