You Tube, Forums and Stuff

first off # 17 on the pie safe is up

and 18 and 19 are filmed and Crystal will be working on them today,  and just to be sure you know when you post a comment, we have to approve it, as well when you sign up for the forum we have to approve it,  this is done to keep the spammers and the porn off our site and videos,  it’s a constant battle, they seem to be able to get into anything and any where, by doing this we just don’t have to search all the forums and videos every day to see what has been posted, we are notified any time a comment or post is made or someone new signs up on the forum, just the way it has to be now days, but you are welcome to speak your mind, good bad or indifferent, as long as it isn’t spam or porn it gets approved.

         We filmed hard yesterday and will for the next Two days, trying to get ahead of the game and I really want to get the pie safe done with, so we just going to take some time and get it done as well as other projects on the burners, just trying to free up time for client projects and other projects, we need to get completed.

     Well the weather has been decent, spring is definitely here, having alot of rain, and afternoon thunderstorms , hope it dries up some I really need to do some more planting in the garden, but it’s just been too wet, but maybe by the weekend.

      I hope that now that the weather is better many of you are getting some shop time, despite all the yard work needed,

         Well its time for a little coffee, and get to filming, got the doors open, and it sure feels nice, y’all be safe

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2 Responses to You Tube, Forums and Stuff

  1. Leonard Beasley says:

    Another great video Charles, as usual – wrong link though.

    Best to you and yours!

  2. the link takes you to all of the videos, not just 17

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