Been Busy and Enjoyed it

Thursday had some of the guys who were in driving distance back down, so we could wrap up their sugar chest, we had a good day and again it reinforced my decision to keep classes at a minimum, so that’s a done deal.
Yesterday I played around a little with the pigeon holes for the slant front, as well I filmed a you tube for the pie safes, and today will film another, I know I said I was taking the weekend off, but I really want to get the pie safes wrapped up and get the pigeon holes down , so we can move along with that, I am ready to get this secretary wrapped up, and decide on the next project, as well I am getting alot of questions if we will be doing another you tube series, im not sure , it takes alot, and just keeping up with the classes and the show as well as client stuff keeps me hopping, and I am trying desperately to finish my finishing book, so we will see, I guess its one of those things, where ya like helping folks but ya got to make a living as well, and anymore we are pretty much self-reliant, but we will do something.
Ed will here today to help me some, always like that, and we have to make several batches of blotch control, so it will be a full day , but not overwhelming, and I have to work on some federal style fans for some tables, this is using holly inlay and the sand shading , I have done some, but not this large, so we will see how that goes, I have Randy Child, coaching me along, he is quite good , and its the same guy who is coming out to help teach the rocker class, and I certainly plan on picking his brain on veneering, he does some awesome work, and we had actually talked about having him come teach a class, on veneering and inlay and all that stuff, but not sure how much interest there would be, but as I find the availability of the nice big figured materials I love getting harder and harder and to find , I keep looking at using veneers more and more, and realizing the old timers used them all the time, it makes sense, the issue the old guys had was the glues were inferior to what we have to-day, so I am looking forward to giving these fans a go and seeing how well I do,

     Well looks like it is time for some more coffee and get to it, y’all be safe and have agood Easter and remember the reason …

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10 Responses to Been Busy and Enjoyed it

  1. Whew! Never a middle ground? I seem to have too much to do, and never enough money? Maybe the classes could be geared to skills and abilities? In your DVD’s re skill teaching you often say “It’s just that simple”. Your blog on the kids who were using the DVD’s and sneeking up on it, was also another area of skill training? I commented that I was going to instruct an 11 year old kid. Basic skills..hand tools,,,was he anxious! For a free project,,101 class,,,if you do it,,,,maybe more of a weekend type build? The pie safe was/is great. Maybe you can encourage people working on this project to send pictures and you can give feedback? Maybe not. Everyone will be happy??? with what you decide to do…lol

    Have a few moments of quiet for Easter Big Dawg. Oh yeah I have to go to work too…LOL


  2. Need more coffee, good to read the blog.

  3. Ron Allison says:

    Charles, I told you when I was there for the finishing class that I couldn’t understand how you could do all that you do. I’m surprised that you’re even considering another you tube series after this one. As you know I’m looking forward to your finishing book but I’ll be patient I promise.

    Have a nice Easter!

  4. Kenny Eaton says:

    Charles, while I appreciate all your videos, you seem to have a very full plate, and I very much doubt anyone would have trouble understanding if you took a break from the YouTube videos.
    Really Charles, if you break it down, you’re running a woodworking/fine furniture business, manufacturing and marketing a finishing product, dovetail templates, as well as a line of instructional DVD’s, running a school part-time, filming a weekly online video class in which you build very involved pieces, writing a book, developing new products and ideas, and just generally trying to live your own life, as well I am willing to bet I forget something as well. That is really a LOT for anyone to have going on all at once, never mind adding in a second online video series which includes an in-depth project build like the pie safe.
    However, I do feel your free videos are one of your absolute best marketing tools for your paid show, as well a good marketing tool for your furniture. Heck, it’s how I found you!
    Maybe considering backing off to more simple and less involved builds would ease your work-load a bit and allow you to maintain the free series without adding so much burden to your already overloaded workload?
    Possibly consider builds that could be done in a single day?
    Basically, things that could be prepped and built in no more than 6 hours, and the average guy could complete in a weekend. Include an hour of filming on the build, and maybe do a half hour bit on just finishing for every piece? That way you could complete the entire build and filming in the better part of a day and wouldn’t need to carry it over for weeks.
    Do maybe one build a month, release a half hour video each week, dividing the build into 2 weeks, a week on finishing, and the fourth week release an intro to the next build where you describe what the project will be and go over stock selection and how to find the stock needed.
    Then you would still be giving a very in-depth look at the build, how to finish the piece, as well as how to select the stock. Then you will retain the free series with only one day a month, two at most, devoted to filming it and doing the build.
    Obviously pieces would need to be kept simple, but that’s what many guys start out building and I would bet many new woodworkers would love to have a simple project to build each month with in-depth instructions on how to get incredible results. Just that little look into how you work could really help someone new build skills very quickly. Especially finding out early on that bow-store finishes are crap, that alone is an immense help. I know because I have been there!

    Just a thought. Have a good Easter Charles. Thanks for all your effort keeping this whole show going, I know it takes a lot and appreciate all of it!


  5. Jay Highland says:

    Wow! Kenny, you should be in marketing. Nice concepts and nicely said. Not sure that is Charles’ style but still a good plan to consider. What you say Charles?

  6. Monte West says:

    Good evening:
    Easter is almost over and it has been a beautiful weekend. I hope you enjoyed it as much I did mine with my whole family here.
    I always look forward to seeing what Charles is building now and what I can learn about Woodworking and I always know the education is coming. It is a very enjoyable change from what I did in the real world.
    If it was me I would finish up the Pie Safe series and wait a minimum of six months or more before I did another Free series. Let the beginner woodworker learn from this series, them let them build something on there own and them do another series.
    All I can say for sure is if you get lucky enough to get in a class being tough by Charles you will not be sorry.
    Time for me to rest up so I can start finishing my Charles Neil Sugar Chest in the morning.

  7. Rick says:

    I agree 100% on the veneer. Availability and price of quality large solid stock is a problem that limits what the ordinary woodworker can make.

  8. Randy says:

    The great thing about veneer is the availability of it.. for example.. if You look at some of these high end tables with tops that seem to have exact grain matches and color consistancies..its probably veneer..they can thinly slice off many many pieces off a log to make bundles of grain matching sheets.. there’s nothing like a 16 Piece radial of a highly figured top..its just breathtaking and there are so many styles of tops that You cannot do with solid woods due to wood movements that you can do with veneer and..its usually cheaper moneywise than trying to buy a whole log to get match consistancy.. I used to be rather prejudice of veneer but no more..especially after I saw what possibilities it offered..and made many tops and pieces that I know I couldn’t have done with solid woods..

  9. Lim Peacock says:

    I like the layout and colors. Type is just a touch small for my old eyes. Maybe you click on a link to go to the blog and you can have more room for larger type. I like the new layout of the existing blog. It is easy to read and clean.
    Thanks Sherri!

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