Class is over, Well sorta !

Not quite sure how we got 9 folks, but it was a bit much, Thanks to Jeff , Billy and Ed., we survived, we didn’t quite make completed chest, but we got close enough ,every one can finish up at home, basically install the hinges , glue on some drawer fronts and install a lock, but all the major construction got completed.

Shop isn’t too bad, or as it was told to me, 9 people didn’t make as big a mess in 3 days as I can in 1 day, not sure if that was a compliment or not ! humm !

So next is a finishing class, then the rocker and then 1 finishing class in June, that’s all we have scheduled so far, for the year, but are considering some more but we shall see, many have expressed an interest in the tilt top table, and we have discussed alot of possibilities, but nothing firm just yet, and it has been discussed to be done in the show, I am still not sure about that, thinking trying to get all the patterns , which have to be pretty exact to all the folks could be an issue, in a class we can make them, but again no final decision has been made .

I have a 3 day private class going as we speak, so its been a full week , but then again it always is.
In the next show we are going to be addressing some issues the students had, while they are fresh in our minds, stuff around mortises, and mitres, and back on the secretary, and work on getting it wrapped up.. so I am off to teach some spraying later y’all be safe

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1 Response to Class is over, Well sorta !

  1. Al Gunther says:

    I just had a chance to see Marty’s Sugar Chest, looks great and that wood, what can I say but WOW!!!!! Sorry I could not attend but I am leaving on a 3 week China trip on Sat and it would have been a scheduling nightmare. I am looking forward to the next class build, perhaps something in the fall.
    Meanwhile I’ll try to build a Sugar Chest on my own over the summer (if I need help I’ll call Marty) .

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