Sugar Chest Factory! LOL!

What a great bunch. These guys are really working hard and working together. Yesterday everyone got their chests dove tailed and the legs mortised and tapered. Had a great dinner together at a Mexican Restaurant a few miles from the shop and a good nights sleep. Bright and early (8:30am) back to work, working with the bottom case this morning, making the apron tenons and tenons on the rails for the front dividers. Ready to get some glue in the mortise and tenons, peg them and on to the drawers.

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4 Responses to Sugar Chest Factory! LOL!

  1. Happy as kids in a sugar chest factory! 🙂 Enjoy!


  2. Randy says:

    Is there pictures? Because I can’t see anything.. just a black backdrop..LOL

  3. Mike says:

    Had a great time. Charles was a pleasure to work with and learn from, not to mention a hoot. Made new life time friends and a beautiful heirloom tiger maple Sugar Chest in the process.

    • Hard to believe the high end class was nearly 7 years ago, was a little hectic as I believe it scheduled for 4 but there were 9 actual, wasn’t until some some 4 years later before I finally finished the sugar chest but it turned out fantastic. Has been on list to make more but now days father time is taking its toll.

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