Dust Has Settled

Time to make some more, dust that is, got the sugar chest class end of this week and we will certainly be making some saw dust in it, lots of it.

All the projects are ready to go home to Dallas, Texas,  it was a long week or two, not sure exactly, because I had pieces and parts in process , as we did other things, which I do alot, but it all came to gether just fine and its all done.

It used to be I reflected on a build and enjoyed seeing it all done, still to a degree, but seems like nowadays the focus is the next build, but you never walk away until everything is as perfect as possible, all of these were finished in a water based finish, and then rubbed to a satin sheen, I like a rubbed finish , they feel like satin and look like glass, how I like it, and they are durable and cure out fast, so no issues wrapping and shipping, I just like the speed and performance of them . I am actually thinking of pulling the finish process I did here for a show, especially the big cherry top, no blotching, color is even and consistent, and we did a little stain mix to bring it up to match the natural cherry chair, we did 4 years ago, so when they go together everything is matching . There are 2 main components for getting a great finish, preparation, and using quality products, skip either and you can’t expect good results, but many just insist that isn’t the case,  many do alot of deciding and figuring, without testing and being sure, I know I get the email’s,  you just cant convince people, that many of these box store stains don’t work, they are so weak and inconsistent, but if you say anything, you get blasted, saying they are the leading products, I simply answer and say  “no , they are the cheapest and easiest to obtain” there is a big difference.

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  Oh well, we didn’t use them and were good to go, and the clients will be happy, and on to the next projects, which as I said is the Sugar Chest  class,  so time to clean the shop up a bit, and get the dovetail jigs and the mortisers all set up, so when everyone hits the door we are ready to rock and roll, building this many sugar chest in 3 days is a challenge, but nothing we can’t handle, got it down to a science,   so no issues expected.

     I did take a little plunge, and bought me another work bench, http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2081005/30367/Pinnacle-Large-Traditional-Cabinetmakers-Workbench.aspx

   We are getting so many request for classes, so decided we needed additional bench and vice’s, so this cured that problem, as well I have another small work bench, with vices, so we should not have any issues,  and I have  4 mortisers, and can borrow a 5th if needed, ( Jeff), so looks like we are about set to go …got plenty of chisels, and so forth, might need a few more routers,  🙂 , I think so, but that might be a stretch , so we will see,.

    well I need to get to work and shovel out the shop and get  material processed for the class, time to rock and roll, and for those coming to the class, get some rest, cause you gonna need it,,, 🙂   later y’all   be safe

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7 Responses to Dust Has Settled

  1. Charles,

    Checked out the bench! Good thing you make the big bucks. LOL! Amazing that you can get projects out the door so quickly. What is the difference between the apprentice woodworker and the master woodworker? The apprentice says “When will we be finished?” The master knows it is never finished, just ends and beginnings.


    • big bucks, now that’s funny right there, but in my world, its time , either spend my time building for client or building a bench, and besides Woodcraft helps me out some, other wise I would not be able to do it , They have helped me alot,,, good folks and they believe in education,,, 🙂

      • Right tool for the right job!

        Hey, My car had major engine problem. Went to one mechanic who basically said I should junk it cause it would cost. Checked out new and used cars. Took a deep breath. Another mechanic, sort of like a Charles Neil, type, repaired it. Labor was outta sight. But something that I was able to pay for. 😦 Most everything gives me sticker shock..lol

  2. Kenny in Maine says:

    Charles, now that is a bench! I really think you will end up liking the traditional European style bench. The tail vise is very handy, as well the tool tray allows you to keep things at hand without worry of knocking them off the bench or having them roll off.

    I am actually building a bench in a similar style, though mine is a “budget euro bench”, built with a torsion box design from rough-cut 2X material that I processed (Douglas Fir), 13-ply 3/4″ Baltic Birch for the top and premium 3/4″ Pine ply for the trestle. The frame is based on the design in the link below, though I plan on using a very different vise arrangement which will be both versatile and very low cost.

    Keep up the good work Charles, your work is simply mind blowing, as well your techniques and massive range of extremely refined skills are just incredible. Many woodworkers strive to master one area of the craft, such as finishing, carving, or maybe chair building. But you show skill beyond comprehension in nearly every conceivable area of woodwork, with drawing being your only skill I have seen that is less than world class. Thank you for sharing your skill and knowledge with all of us, it’s very much appreciated.


  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow i love the base on that table. it has a great look to it!

  4. Norman Reid says:

    Yeah, get all that tiger maple processed. I’ll be there bright and early Thursday!

  5. Monte says:

    That sure is a nice workbench! Looking at it made me start wondering if you had ever made your own workbench(es) through the years! Keep up the great work!

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