Charles is Busy & Making a Difference Follow-Up

Well, Charles has been really busy in the shop – a client has six (6) pieces that are going to be picked up on Monday, April 11th and start their trek home to Dallas, Texas.  They are all contemporary pieces and quite interesting.  Since he is slamming, no time for a blog, so……..I have time, so here I am.  I’ve put together some photos for you to see what the shop looks like right now and the very last photo is one that we received from Principal Joe of ‘some’ of the students.  Can’t give you the school’s name or the kid’s names, but they are sport’n their new shop aprons and we are really proud of them.  For those of you who subscribe to the show, the kids are quite active on the forum, you might take a look at some of their posts.

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Photo Sequence:  Students, The Shop is a MESS!, Dining Table Top – Cherry, Dining Table Base – Tiger Maple, Display Pedestal – Tiger Maple, Charles working on the chairs – Cherry, Close-Up – Charles laying out chair seats before he scoops!

Also wanted to take a moment to send a big THANK YOU to all of you guys who made purchases from Chocolate Occasions, I’m certain you weren’t disappointed.  The orders brought smiles to Kim & Mike’s faces and a big boost to their well being.  Don’t forget they make Easter Candy and there is plenty of time to order for those special folks in your life.  You can go directly to the Chocolate Occasions web site by clicking HERE!

Well, the blotch control didn’t package itself so I guess it’s back to work! Hope everyone has a great Hump Day, I’m looking forward to the 70/80 degree temps they say we will have starting tomorrow!


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4 Responses to Charles is Busy & Making a Difference Follow-Up

  1. James Lockard III says:

    “GOD BLESS THE WORKIN’ MAN!” Been busting ass right along with ya ! Time to throw a few back tonight tho …. I think I deserve it 🙂 Tiger Maple base is ridiculous, love it.

  2. Hi Sherri good to hear from you ,as usual you and Charles and Crystal are working as a team. Y’all are so good at what you do. I enjoyed the photos . I’m a little puzzled I didn’t think Charles shop every got messy ,just like he never gets dye or glue on himself or anything he he. Very nice pieces Charles I know you will make your dead line with time to spare.

  3. Sherri says:

    Thanks Jim, we work as a team the best we can. Unfortunately, Charles has to do the majority of the work, we’re just the supporters.

  4. Charles Mullins says:

    About three weeks ago I ordered through the ARTS & CRAFTS Center at Redstone Arsenal some Blotch control since I was working with poplar and birch. Well-It is GREAT! I also used some on a piece of cherry plywood and it was GREAT!

    I’ve used lots of different conditioners including shellac but all of them had short comings or some kind of problem.

    Needless to say we will be ordering more as the need arises.

    Thanks, the Army needs help with their woodworking–Ha Ha.

    Charles Mullins

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