Whew , Feeling The Strain

We been slamming, wide open, tomorrow we will get some pictures,, but got to tell ya, have done alot of work in the last week, none of it overly difficult, just alot of work, but again no complaints, I’m thankful for the work and the health and energy to get it done…

    Internet has been pretty quiet, hope everyone is safe and getting some shop time.

      I have to go over to CP Johnsons later in the week and get some more material, mostly tiger maple, he has a couple log sets I want, wide great figure, and its a want not so much a need. So what are we gonna use them for, 🙂 , beats me,,, but something will come along,, but this is a case of either I get them or they will be gone,,, Sooooooo  🙂

     I like it when I can get nice log sets, which is basically where the log was kept in sequence when it was sawn and dried, so everything is out of the same tree, especially tiger maple, makes the curl and base colors the same, I really like that, makes for super nice pieces,.

     Well out side of working, not alot else happening, so guess I need to take a broom and push a path and get to work, need to get this load out of here, and set up for some classes,so will “catch ya later”, y’all be safe

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3 Responses to Whew , Feeling The Strain

  1. Big Dawg, Spring has finally come to Minnesota, so I am spending some time outside. Dug up 20 volunteer trees. Might be, people are outside getting rid of cabin fever? I plan to do some major planning outside once the ground dries a little. Maybe a video on your trip to CJ’s and educating the newbees on costs and quality?

    Hey, don’t slam yourself back to being sick!


  2. Randy says:

    Hey!! I know… Lets use the tiger maple your gonna buy for the rocker class!! Heh heh..talk about a completely matching grain and color rocker.. Heh heh heh

  3. Rich says:

    Bet that tiger maple would be pretty on that pie crust table we might do.

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