Rocker Class Is Full

All the openings for the rocker class have been filled,we could take 1 more, but we have what we needed to make it work so  when we do it we will get some photos and tag you along,

   This will prove to be a really good class, but at the end of April we have a big Sugar Chest class to get done, and we have some really nice material for that as well, we also have 2 other finishing classes, so looks like a busy spring,

    we are still building away on a number of contemporary pieces, and as soon as they are together enough to photograph we will get some pictures,,,

y’all be safe

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5 Responses to Rocker Class Is Full

  1. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I am very glad you have enough woodworkers to take your rocking chair class. I know you will have fun and it will be something that all of you will enjoy the rest of your lives. I know the class would be to much for me.
    The Pie Cabinet, Session 16 gets to 40:10 min. of 46: min. and stops. I looked at it last night and this morning and it just stops. Can you fix?

  2. Monte West says:

    Just went to session 16 from the blog and it was ok. Sorry

  3. Charles, It’s really great that you and Rick are doing this project and you have a full house.

    i know you use the old models for teaching purposes, and my wife loved the “Antiques Built Daily” phrase that you guys used to identify the work. I would like to see your process with a more contemporary piece. I believe someone else had asked also? You could film it while it’s being made for the customer?


  4. haha hah wait till this weeks show,,,

  5. Shorter time than I expected! 🙂


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