Well I’m Fixin Ta :

plane some 10/4 maple  , so y’all can see, the figure , it’s some of what I am looking at for the Maloof rocker class,  we will need a fair amount of 8/4 as well, that will come from Bob Kloes in Wisconsin, ( http://www.bobkloes.com/   email  Bob@bobkloes.com ) so I will send him, a sample of the figure so he can match it up, we want to maintain the same type of curl through out , Easier said than done, but  how it has to be, so I really wanted to be sure we had this well covered before proceeding. If we can fill this class, I really want this , to be something quite special, and to have the rockers be  a real achievement,,, so today we will announce the class, and see if it’s a go . Got to have 4 people, and at 2500.00 it might be a stretch but considering we have to fly Randy out from California, and we are going with pretty expensive materials,  it just cost, but we also will be breaking payments up , but again it will be a chance to build something you may have thought you never could.

    I am also hard into some client projects that HAVE, to get done, so if I’m quiet, you know im working, hard. Yester day as I mentioned I went wood shopping, always fun, and I always over do it, I find something I just got to have, that has nothing to do with what I’m going after, oh well , seems we always find a use for it at some point, yesterday it was 2 big hunks of some super fine curl tiger maple, clear and white, it will have to go natural, as the fine curl , being very intense, if you dye it, it will often migrate out from the close curls and the curl is lost, it can actually look awful, but a light coat of seal a cell and finish, and oh my, it will just radiate, might use it for some keeping chest, or something very special.

      Well its time to get to it, Crystal just got here, and we are going to film some more on the pie safes, its been a week or so since we got one up, and I’m hearing about it, 🙂 , so we will get that handled, I just got some veneer in glue, so while it’s drying, I’ll film a bit, this one is continuing with the drawer and some dovetail alternatives, so guess I need to blow the bench and the table saw off, carry out the pie safe, and get the ‘ Camera Girl”, and get to it…. so y’all be safe.

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3 Responses to Well I’m Fixin Ta :

  1. Charles, Know ya gotta be quiet, and get some product out the door. At a later date, I would like you to talk about wood costs? Might explain a few things to us arm chair woodworkers. lol What is Big Bob’s email or webb address? Thanks, DocSavage45

  2. I hope this chair class comes together for you and Randy and that it’s a great experience for all involved. Be careful out there we always increase the positivity of injury or problems when we are under deadlines .

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