Still Rockin Class Stuff

Yesterday we glued up some forms for veneering, for a contemporary table base, will resaw some tiger maple today and get the veneer going on, Jeff Fleisher will be over and he will be veneering some drawer fronts for a slant front desk he is doing, so we will be filming that for the show.

     Tomorrow I am headed over to CP Johnson’s to pick up some 10/4 and 5/4 tiger maple for a desk I need to get done, and  looking at the  10/4 ,8/4 and 12/4 for the rocker class, we havent announced it just yet, looking at mid June, but I want to be sure I have material sourced and priced , before we announce it, This will be a very limited class, only 4 , as we want lots of  one on one, with Randy and myself, so I think we will announce the class on Friday, so if you have an interest, watch for the email on Friday.

    The May finishing has an opening left as well, but is about full, so if anyone has an interest , now is the time to get signed up .

    I will also  make a suggestion, if you are coming to a finishing class, get a copy of A to Z and “its all about color” , that way when you get here, we can breeze thru alot of the stuff and get to spraying and all that good stuff, every one who attends  after having been thru the DVD’s , want’s to go straight to learning how to spray, they have the rest of it down, so again, just a suggestion, but it really allows you to get the most out of the class and allows us to work on the areas you need help…

    While I am over at CP’s I will be picking up some of the sugar chest class material, that class is full, not sure if we will set another one up, it filled quickly, and we have had numerous other request, so we may do another in the fall if possible,

    Today, we will wrap up filming of this weeks show, and then take a trip over to Jeff’s shop and take a look at his slant front, and the differences in his and mine, so we get “another  take”, on a similar form,,, then its back to slamming wood. I have 6 pretty involved pieces to have done and ready to go by April 6th, so a little rock and roll is in order, but hey , I love it, get the stereo cranked up real loud, and lock the doors, and get in the groove, and just let the good times roll.

   It looks like its time for one more coffee, and then get to the gettin, later y’all  be safe

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  1. Hey Bib Dawg, Sounds good!

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