Finishing Class All Done

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 Looks like we all survived another class, and everyone is back home, and trying to digest everything, It takes a while, and plenty of practice , especially on the spraying, but when you know what you’re looking to achieve and how to get there, your on the right track, then it’s get familiar with your spray set up and practice, practice, practice.

     We always go over rubbing out a finish , because few will be able to get an “off the gun” finish, that takes some time and lots of practice, so having the ability to sand and rub a finish is the key, and irrespective of what you do, you usually don’t have an ideal enviroment  to spray in, so  some debris and so forth will get in the finish, ao being able to rub it , to remove any debris or other defects is a good thing, .

    I think everyone got it, but I assured them they would have to work at it, finishing is an art or technique all unto its self, and has to have the time and effort, put in to it, just like building, you have to spend time and effort, Just how it is, and I will also tell you this, as products change, and many cease to be available, it’s getting a bit more complicated, and the biggest help you can have is to learn how to spray.,,, it just simply makes application and the whole process so much easier, and opens another world up , and I will also tell you this, the written word cannot teach you how to spray…. it just can’t,.

well here are some pictures of  “learning to spray “,

   Time to film a show , and then get to some client projects, will try to get another pie safe this week if we can, but got to keep the “stuff that pays” , in the forefront… later Y’all , be safe

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3 Responses to Finishing Class All Done

  1. Monte West says:

    It was great that you took some pictures of the Finishing Class and I thank you. I loved the picture of the runs. I have been there. Yes, it takes a lot of work to learn to spray, and I for one, still have a long way to go. From my own Finishing Class with you, I learned a lot.
    Thank You for the pictures of the High Boy. They were great. The second group in the home really made it look better than the ones in the shop. I know you were proud of how nice it turned out.

  2. Ron Allison says:

    I just returned from the finishing class and learned alot. Now as Charles says it’s just a matter of practice. If you want to learn to finish then this class is for you. I have the DVD’s and they’re great but there is nothing like being able to watch Charles apply what he teaches in person and then have the opportunity to try it for yourself and ask questions.

    I can’t recommend this class enough.

    Ron Allison

  3. Wow looks like great fun plus learning from Charles. I’m guessing he passed out some grits as snacks too. he he. Your all very lucky there’s nothing like hands on learning from the master.

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