Finishing Class Prep & Stuff

Tomorrow we start a finishing class, so today its clean up ( well sorta), get everything ready , get some panels prepped, and all that good stuff.
Gonna be giving 2 new turbines a test drive, got the big bad boy from Apollo as well as the Atomizer spray gun , I Really like the looks of these, not cheap, but geez, and then we are testing out the new Earlex 5500 , its similar to the 5000 but alot more power and air pressure, I am really looking forward to giving this one a go,
it’s in the 315.00 range, as I recall, so it will be a good time to test it out , and get others opinions as well , and of course we have the compressed air hvlp’s as well ( Woodriver) so it will be alot of spraying going on.
I almost forgot to order sanding pads and sandpaper, so emailed Sandy at industrial abrasives and she is shipping them today , , so they will be here tomorrow, got all my other stuff in so looks like were ready to go, except for the clean up thing, oh well , it has to be done from time to time!
I emailed the client on the highboy we had up yesterday and he will be sending photos asap, and there were several questions posted in the comments, so we got those answered, so take a look.
well I got to wash down the spray booth, and get the turbines set up, and then clean the shop , and hopefully we will be ready to go, so guess I best get to it, y’all be safe

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5 Responses to Finishing Class Prep & Stuff

  1. Charles, You must have quite a long customer list over thirty years. Might be interesting to do a retro photo shoot to add to the eventual book? A history of finishes and custom builds? Sounds like your ready to have a good time with some hands on teaching? Maybe some YouTube video? Or webinar of the guys learning from you? DocSavage45

  2. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I hope you have a lot of fun with the Finishing Class.
    You sure letting the class members use some real nice equipment. They are being spoiled.
    Have Fun

  3. Rich says:

    Like Thomas sez, Need pics.

  4. scott says:

    Thanks so much for the link to Industrial Abrasives. Great prices!

  5. Spencer Bates says:


    I’ve been interested in getting myself into the fabulous world of spray finishing but I’m on a tight budget. I saw the link to the Earlex 5500 unit that you talked about. I was wondering if you had posted a review of it yet or if that was even in the works. Anyway, I was wondering how you thought it would work for a newbie to spray finishing…


    PS. Lovin the pie safe videos!

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