High Gloss Finish …A Little Eye Candy

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This is a rubbed high gloss finish, it was sanded and rubbed to an absolute flawless high gloss,  not my personal choice for furniture, but what the client wanted, its a curly cherry high boy,  It just left my shop, on its way home, thought you would like to see it .

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14 Responses to High Gloss Finish …A Little Eye Candy

  1. rob durfos says:

    A beautiful piece ! What was the finish schedule ?

    • Rob, read below, it was just a clear coat ( General Finishes Enduro Var ) in a gloss , applied 2 coats sanding between coats with 320 , then applied the last 2 back to back, meaning, as soon as the 3rd coat was tacky, I did the 4th, this causes the Waterbase finish to be able to burn in or melt in , to the other to form a heavy single film, so when its sanded and rubbed , and you possibly go thru one layer to the other it doesnt ghost , which means showing a line or difference between layers,
      Then we sanded it up thru 2000 grit , then rubbed it with some micro mesh sandpaper , then a quick rub with 4000 grit abralon by mirka .. and it was done, sounds hard and time consuming, and is somewhat but not difficult at all, its a matter of sanding with the proper grits, and rubbing with the proper products

  2. Randy says:

    Good Lord!! Can it possibly get any better than that?? What a true masterpiece..I mean what a flawless execution of craftsmanship, materials and finishing.. Bravo Mr. Neil!! Bravo!!

  3. I can see why you have been a man of few words…recently…LOL. I like the flow of the pictures. I am sure we cannot see the true depth of the wood. I’m sure you were pleased to say “I did that!” Bet there are a few CN man hours in that beauty.

  4. I’m not a high gloss fan either but you made this one look great as you always do.
    Nice to see some still shots in slide show format . Outstanding piece (what else would you make)? Thanks for the info always enjoy your blog Charles.
    Good to see Rob commenting too.

  5. John Hamilton says:

    Beautiful piece, Charles. It’s great to see some of your finished work. I hope you’ll post more finished pieces for us to admire before they head out the door. Your work, as always, is impecable.

  6. Bob Miller says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!! That curly cherry is awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. John Van Bourgondien says:

    Not too shabby for an old man from the hills of Virginia!! Absolutely awsome job Charles!!!!

  8. I emailed the client, because these pictures actually make this piece look bad, the drawer fronts are quilted , and the sides are bookmatched, herringbone pattern, and insane, and it feels like silk, and looks like a mirror , I hope he can get better photos, its natural, no color added, I will post if we get better photos, as to the construction, it is a basic lowboy , with a dresser and crown added, but it was a repro, hopefully tomorrow I can show you the photo I was given, and lets see how well we did,and the hardware is the chased brass from Horton Brasses, its made for a nice piece, simplistic , but nice, I like letting the wood do the work !

    • Photographs are not really an easy thing to do. The books I’ve seen have the pieces set in specific lighting to show the tone and colors of the piece. Hope they have a decent camera to do the piece justice. DocSavage45

  9. don says:

    Damn, that piece would look great with any finish You applied! Beautiful…

  10. Jim says:

    You should be so proud. I agree we would like to see more as they are finished.

  11. Rick says:

    Spectacular result. Client should be pleased.
    1. Charles, when you say no colour added, I presume that you did use some oil or something to pop the grain?
    2. you sometimes mention work done in your shop and refer to ‘we did/do…” Do you normally work by yourself or are there others who work with you on your custom work? Just curious.
    3. I agree that we need to see more examples of your work.

  12. no color added, means we did nothing, no oil, nothing, will just let mother nature and the natural coloring of the cherry do the work, in 6 months to a year, it will be fantastic, this cherry had so much curl, if we had used anything it would have blotched really bad, so we decided just to let it go natural, or better put the client did, I would have preferred to blotch control it, and use a little dye to kick the color up , and then let nature catch up :),
    as to help I have Billy who helps me some part time and Ed who helps me part time in the evenings and Saturday sometimes, other wise its just me , and of course the girls have the office stuff and do all the shipping

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