What Are They Thinking ??

Yesterday  Billy and I took a trip up to Hicksville Planing Mill , in Maryland, I need some wide mahogany, as well as some cherry and poplar, also grabbed some 8/4 tiger maple I saw , C.P. Johnson nor Bob Kloes deal in mahogany , so we took the trip , got some nice material, all specific for client projects.These folks were running around like crazy , trying to help all the customers, Lunch came and went , lots of customers, they never stopped, just kept looking after customers , and when it got even busier , they pulled people out of the mill to help , how it should be

     The girls are repackaging blotch control into our new jars, we have had it with the cans, we went a year without having any major issues with leaking cans, then all of a sudden we are getting leaks,  we noticed they had changed the way the lids go on, so we got some different ones, lined metal, we havent shipped anything in them , we could smack the side of the can and the lid would pop, then combine that with how the shippers handle thing’s it wasn’t good, even clipping the tops on , I certainly hope the new jars solve the problem.

    What bothers me is , why did they decide to change the design that was obviously working , and the new one isn’t,  this alway’s seems to be the case,  ever notice how “New and Improved” seems to be more “cheaper and less effective” , it seems to be the new way business is done,  I’m not impressed at all.. and it’s really frustrating .

    Then you get the post office complaining about having to process all the packages, geez, are they not in enough trouble as it is, and then to have employee’s complain about having to deal with the packages, and then to see how they treat them, I simply ask them if they would prefer we use someone else, and then commented, after all it isn’t my job that will be lost, that seemed to get a second of thought, and of course the response was, “No No”, we will take them, like they were doing us a favor, I don’t know about you , but I have never had an extra customer , just how it is .

     I have to be honest , the complacency I see in the business world , bothers me, alot, seems everyone expects more for less, and in my opinion it will be our undoing, I just don’t get it, I was always of the opinion “you do what you have to do”, and do it well, it has yet not to serve me well .

    Right here in our little town, the BP station, had closed,  a couple who have several other gas/convenience stores took it over, they do food, as well, and I might add they do it well, when you come to a class here we will be suggesting them for lunch, some of the best fried chicken I ever had. Anyway they had their daughter and son-in-law handling the store, which they had taken on just for them to have jobs, it was basically the kids store, well the kids decided it was too many hours and after about a month they walked away, so now mom has it , she is in there every morning by 6am to make breakfast, and she is there late at night, I now see they have been able to get what looks to be some decent help and have them trained,  so it’s still going, but  I just wonder what the kids were thinking, or better put  what they expected.

   well enough rambling and complaining, it just bothers me, to see all this and then to hear all the complaints about no jobs, seems to me we did to ourselves,,, Just my opinion

Speaking of work got a lot to do, so best shut up and get to it, y’all be safe

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11 Responses to What Are They Thinking ??

  1. Crystal says:

    It’s a good thing she stayed at the BP – her food is AWESOME. And she makes my day when I stop in there. 🙂

  2. Carl says:

    seems the new Post Office motto is “Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will keep me from…complaining about having to lift something heavier than a letter”. And Crystal, don’t eat all their chicken…I plan to be there soon! 😉

  3. Jeff Fleisher says:

    Ellen and I have thought about going in there but never did…we will have to try the fried chicken!….jeff

  4. Think I commented on UPS. They push their employees. I think their catch phrase should be “Brown Bangs it up!” I watched the delivery person roll my compound miter saw to my door! I decided when I ship something it will be Fedex. Maybe it is just the company or the people who deliver here, but it is a world of difference. We have an exellent mail carrier who was carrying a lot of my wifes purchases…not me…who responded to my comment of “maybe she should buy less on line.” ” oh please don’t its my work.” Had my furnace brought by truck. Didn’t see the dent when I signed for it as it was covered up.

    Even Harbor Frieght now uses Fedex??? Give a person a fish and he is fed for a day. Teach a person to fish and he is fed for a lifetime. Oh yeah, when I work with kids, I spend 50% of my time working to change the parents. Values and morals are learned.

    Good luck on your new packaging.

  5. MIKE WILSON says:

    Neil you see the same thing everywhere, people do not care about the quality of their work, whatever it is. I see it every day in engineering documents, right, wrong, sloppy or not, just get it out, let someone else figure it out. Nothing burns my ass more than someone too lazy to check their own work. Folks need to have pride in what they do, not just wait for a pay check.

  6. Shannon says:

    In December I started working for the J. Gibson McIlvain Co up here just north of Baltimore. We are primarily a lumber wholesaler, but we specialize in Genuine Mahogany among a few other species. I’m working on a business model for small to mid size orders right now, so we might be able to help you in the future. 24″+ wide stuff is very common here and the quality is outstanding. Just an FYI for the future.

  7. Rich says:

    Wonder what the BP ladys kids are doing for jobs now.
    P[robably in the welfare line.

  8. Rich says:

    Wonder if the BP lady serves GRITS with her meals.
    Wonder what the kids are doing for a living now. (welfare??)

  9. David Harms says:

    yup for better or worse seems to be human nature, you have those that will be in the front working hard doing what ever it takes, in the rear you will have those that refuse to work, and even worse yet in the middle you have those that are just skating by. The issue is in the past if you fell into the later two categories you starved and your family went without – not the case anymore.

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