Shopping in Our Store

Hi-jacking the Blog again.  Recently I have received emails and telephone calls from woodworkers who would like to purchase from our store but do not want their payments processed through PayPal, which is the only way we are set up to accept credit cards. 

I just wanted to call your attention to the cart and check out in our store, just under the ‘Pay with PayPal or Credit Card’ option there is a ‘Pay with Check or Money Order’ option.  Your order is not delayed with the second option, you will receive an invoice from us and then you just mail your check in. 

Hope this clarifies it a bit and we like checks and money orders (don’t have to pay the fees to PayPal) so don’t hesitate to use this option.


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2 Responses to Shopping in Our Store

  1. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Also. many people see PayPal & are unaware that it is a full service payment gateway. They are not required to set up an account with PP to use it. They can use just about any debit or credit card on earth without having to sign up for anything and without having to divulge any information other than the payment info itself.

    I know that ya’ll are aware of this obviously but some small percentage of prospective clients do shy away from using PP simply because they don’t know PP is a gateway just the same as eCommerce etc. except PP simply has more features & services for the merchant. Having said all that, as a merchant I am phasing PP out this year for other reasons.

  2. scott says:

    Wow. Why anyone would have issues with PayPal is not aware of how great a service it is. It is absolutely secure and safe. Skeptics, please research more and give PayPal a try. I was skeptic at first, then I used it and have been so grateful that a service like it exists. PayPal is awesome.

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