Food For Thought ..Solid or Plywood

I often get questions on substituting various thing’s , like plywood for drawer bottoms and backs , and as well as for case work and so forth.

      Using lock escutcheon without locks and of course substituting lesser woods ..

     With out question, the plywood works great, no issue here, and we can certainly make lesser woods far more attractive, and to use them for first time builds and so forth is a good thing, however, if and when you feel comfortable with your abilities , going with the real deal pays off, well at least at some point, I have told you many times, my clients would have my hide if I used plywood,,, so we always go with solid, but they are willing to pay for it, so there is a big difference, now I’m talking about your nice furniture, not an entertainment center or a set of cabinets. but rather the stuff your going to pour alot of time and effort into.. in such a case , remember it will be how you are remembered and your work ultimately judged.

    One of the best examples of this, is the Townsend , Goddard pieces, here is an interesting artice about the sale of one….. but then again, seems you got to be dead to command decent fees  🙂  🙂  .. but well hey check it out

got all the snow shoveled, that’s gonna get shoveled, so today we are back at it, and working hard.. y’all be safe   …..Later

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6 Responses to Food For Thought ..Solid or Plywood

  1. Newton Eunice says:

    So know that someday all those pieces you built for family will bring big prices to your decendants. Just warms the heart does’t it. Then again the way we are going they will get all the money taken by our wonderful government.

  2. Ben says:

    Wow. I think maybe we should be trying some Townsend-Goddard style mahogany bureau tables in the Show! 🙂 But really, that is a darn nice looking piece. I’d move to put something like that on the wish list.

    • Just so you know, this us exactly where the show is headed,. one step at a time.. and at some point I want to do the well ( the one that brought 12.5 m), that will be the shows crowning achievement.. but it will ba while

  3. Monte West says:

    I hope you have a great weekend shoveling snow. Ha, Ha. We had none.
    Talking about plywood for backs and drawer bottoms. After going through the process of re-sawing quarter sawn white oak, gluing the pieces together, seeing all the rays, sanding, more sanding and finishing and then to stop and look at it, Yes it is worth the extra effort and satisfaction that it beautiful, with all solid wood. For furniture I don’t think I will ever use plywood.

  4. Randy says:

    On fine wood pieces.. I use all solid wood.. For everything.. Drawer bottoms including.. I also finish my pieces inside and.out..meaning if the drawers are removed..inside the cabinet or piece is finished as nicely as the outside..

    Cabintry for kitchen and bathrooms are a whole different ballgame.. I use plywood..most people will not pay the cost for solid wood kitchen cabinets unless its a high end home

  5. Putting a veneer on wood? Or laminated bending? Have seen some of your table tops. How thick is the veneer? Don’t know if I remember a bending project.

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