Say Hello To My Li’l Friend CP Johnson

If  I’m not getting my wood from Bob Kloes  this is my other source, Chris doesnt do small quanity shipping, like Bob, but he is a good source to have .

    This is a little video we shot, when we were picking out wood for the pie safe’s  say hello to Chris

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9 Responses to Say Hello To My Li’l Friend CP Johnson

  1. tony f says:

    hey charles,
    when will you post the sketchup file for the tin project?
    thank you

  2. Mike Zilis says:


    The close-up shot of the edge grain on those curly boards makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Maybe I should see a doctor? 🙂


  3. mike .. not sure what you mean here, but hey, nice stuff is nice stuff, hey BOB,,,, get the camera…send the picts and i will post them…

  4. MikeZ says:


    I was just trying to convey to you how seeing gorgeous lumber makes me tingle all over. Something only us Woodworkers would likely understand.


  5. MIke,, got ya,,, I agree, I like nice wood as well .. big time

  6. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    That was a great video about wood and what to look for when you are building a certain type project. It was well done and I don’t know why you did not show the apples. I was able to see in the video why you think so highly of the products he has.
    I will be using him in when I need good wood.

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