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 have gotten alot of emails about  attending woodworking shows, not sure about that just yet, love meeting folks, but it can get expensive going to them , but we will see.. here is a look at Woodcrafts blog ..  they picked up on the Baltimore show as well http://blog.woodcraft.com/2011/01/14/the-baltimore-woodworking-show/ , not sure from where but they called and got some pictures .

    One of the biggest thing’s I noticed at the show was the mass of people, there were alot of people there, and they were buying,  according to many it was a significant increase over recent years, that’s a good thing, hopefully people are feeling a bit more optimistic about the economy, I hope so , that’s what will fix it,  the government,  well never mind, wont EVEN go there, but folks buying and spending , makes the world go around….. and creates jobs, something we desperately need right now… I have seen some improvement as well, as I have said before, I am seeing more inquiries  on furniture , that’s a good thing, lets just pray it picks up for all…

       .. later y’all

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2 Responses to Woodcraft Blog

  1. Randy says:

    A book on tour hard road to where you are would be great.. I travel a road now on my woodworking experiences and.have shared them with you on many occasions Charles.. Your correct in saying, its a long tough (seems all uphill at times) road..these stories makes one not feel so alone in our endeavor..

    Im game for the rocker class as soon as you want it to be..

  2. Joe DeLong says:

    Charles, As I always say, If you want to catch a nice cold—–go fly some place, or go shake hands with a few hundred people! Joe.

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