Baltimore Show, and Friends

I had a good time at the show, got to meet up with some good friends , Mike Galloway, Karson Morrison, Scott Phillips, Andy Chidwick, Peter Gedrys, Tommy MacDonald, and a ton more. There were a lot of folks there.

I went strictly as a woodworker, bought my tickets and went to the show, wasn’t aware all the big boy’s were going to be there, it was great to see everyone and get a moment to chat, but I have to admit I got a good shock, It seems a number of folks recognized me as well, wasn’t expecting that, but it was nice, got to talk to a lot of folks, shake hands and answered some questions, took pictures, it was a good break from the shop. We had lunch with Tommy, that was nice, Tommy and I have been friends for along time, but had never met, and when we did, it was just like old friends, like Mike and Karson, and a lot of you guys, here are some picture’s you might enjoy,

Oh yea, remember some time back I got Mike Galloway to eat grits, well, I got to tell ya, I like oysters on the half shell, ( raw) with some horseradish and cocktail sauce, but wasn’t sure about Mike, but decided if he would eat some grits, well just maybe,,, hey no problem… we did them oysters in with no issue 🙂

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15 Responses to Baltimore Show, and Friends

  1. Randy says:

    Dang.. Like I said a million times..”it’s all happening on the East coast.. Sounds like ypu had a ball.. Met good people, ate good food and ate some good food.. Whats not to like?? Heh heh

  2. Tommy says:

    Hey nice pictures Neil ! I had such a good time hanging out with you and Sherry ! Thank You for making me feel like family .for all you guys who may not know , Neil was the person who introduced me to Woodcraft and spoke on my behalf for the rough cut show being onvT.V …so blame him. haha. Just kidding

    Thanks again and hope to see you soon my friend !

  3. Tommy it was nice to meet you as well, we have talked and emailed alot, but it was nice to meet in person .. looking forward to many more… best wishes with the show,,, better you than me, i wouldnt want to watch me on tv… he he eh 🙂 it adds weight, like all these (*(&)&)) cameras do,,,

  4. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I am glad for you that you had a great time at the Big Boys Toy Store. I hope you did not buy to many Routers. I hope you did not eat to many oysters.
    On my way last weekend to Asheville (instead of the Woodworking Show) to take my wife for a weekend at the Grove Park Hotel. It is the home of Craftsman Style and Furniture and plenty of beautiful items made out of Oak and woodwork. On the way I stopped at Woodworker Supply and they have the LockJaw pliers in a 7″ or 10′ not sure, I got them to measure the open on the pliers. It was 3 1/2 ” Is that big enough for doing the Dovetails?
    Also stopped at North Carolina Hardwood. Was not a big selection, I was only able to pick up one piece of 5 quarter, quarter sawn White Oak light. They also said they buy curly maple from C.P.J.

  5. Monte West says:

    Charles, Did you make any videos with the people in the pictures? Would be nice.
    Did you see any new tools you liked good enough to buy?

    • No videos Monte , it was a mad house, and i really didnt get to see all of the show, like i said, i was “recognized” , so i did alot of shaking hands and picture and stuff, something i didnt expect, but i did get to see a new router lift Woodpeckers has, its called a side winder, i like it alot,…, and I was not allowed to look at routers, although i spotted a couple i would like to check out

  6. mikega says:

    Like always it was great spending time with you and Sherri and those oysters were really good but you can keep the horseradish sauce.

    Monte on the way out of the show Neil saw some routers and said “hey look at those routers, they might have one I don’t have” Sherri said ” just keep walking” 🙂

  7. docnewt says:

    Never can eat too many oysters or have too many routers. Glad you met Tommy would like to have been there. Tell us about the show it is supposed to be in Hotlanta in March. Did you see the Summerfeld folks and their tongue and groove cabinets. I am using a hybrid between that and yours. Hope Sherri had a good time. Margaret sympathizes with her she has been to shows several times. That is the barometer for a good wife how much does she let you buy. Take care and get back to work we are anxious to learn

  8. doc, I did get to see the sommerfield , and wanted to watch the demonstrations, but it didnt happen, Sherri took a book to read, and when she saw i wasnt going to get too far, must less shopping, she was good to go..:)… it was interesting, and if they have one in hotlanta, i might show up ,ya never know.. but just as a tourist, i will leave the ‘celebrity” stuff to the other guys…i like just being a woodworker , like everyone else , but i did really enjoy meeting alot of the folks .. it was worth the trip

  9. docnewt says:

    You must understand your days as a ” tourist” are over. Just too many know you now and we are working to just increase that.

  10. I can live with that Doc, as long as its a Friend thing, and not a celebrity thing

  11. The difference is you have “celebrity” vs. to others you are one? Helps to promote the shows?

  12. Karson Morrison says:

    Charles: I was at Chuck Benders booth and was just leaving and he said, “Have you seen Tommy?” I told him I didn’t know Tommy was going to be at the show, So he drug me over to the other side of the venue. There was Tommy talking to someone and he turned around and stuck out his hand and said, “Hello Karson great to see you!” It’s nice to be recognized by people like him.

    Just then I got a slap on the shoulder and it was you, hanging out. Man it was great to see you also.

    Just the thrill of having my picture taken with you and Tommy. What a blast. I see you didn’t post the picture of the rabbit ears above my head.

    It was great to talk to you. I wish you the best in all you do.

    Now are we going to meet in Chantilly March 11-13. It’s closer to you than the baltimore Show.

  13. Funny you should as karson, have had alot of folks ask the same question, I just may do that

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