Mastering Woodworking Show ..check it out

  The Show has gained alot of ground, and continues, but ,  Sherri is doing a google ad to help spread the word, and she has come up with a free week promotion so folks can see what it’s all about,  here is the link

    The show is about an hour-long each week, and is the continuation of a project selected for not only it appeal, but more so its training and teaching aspects, so check it out … nothing to lose , additionally, no information about you or your subscription is ever  released for any reason, all sites are fully secure,,, Just so you know

read it carefully, if you decide to cancel you have to do it within 7 days or it will bill you, so be aware.However if you forget and accidentally get billed email us and we certainly do a refund,,, don’t want anyone paying for something they don’t want… with in 5 day’s.. fair enough

   The only reason this has to be done is it’s a secure site , and it has to have some sort of registration to enter,  and a form of payment, the payment can be 0 , which it is, but it has to be there.. the other thing is it hopefully helps to prevent our hard work from being pirated

I really wish those of you who subscribe to the show, voice your comments, good , bad or indifferent, and help us spread the word…

Thanks everyone ,


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6 Responses to Mastering Woodworking Show ..check it out

  1. Mike Zilis says:

    I’ve posted the link over at my favorite woodworking forum – Saw Mill Creek. I will also get the word out to my fellow members of the DuPage Woodworkers (Northern Illinois woodworking club/guild).

    I hope you see a big uptick in viewer subscription.

  2. David Harms says:

    just posted the link to my twitter followers.

    you can’t beat this show for under 5 bucks a week you get an upclose and personal lesson with Charles. don’t understand something post it in the private forum or shoot charles an email he will respond no matter what and often adapts follow up shows to answer frequently asked questions.

    there are a few premium shows around I can’t compare them because charles’s is the only one I subscribe to currently. I can say you will get your moneys worth though.

  3. John Hamilton says:

    Subscribing to “Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil” is the best investment I have made in my future as a wood worker. I have joined a number of woodworking groups, internet and local guilds, but none have impacted and improved my knowledge and skills like the webisodes from Charles. His ability to teach and explain the furniture building process is unmatched. Information is delivered and demonstrated in a concise and clearly stated format that even a “newbee” woodworker can understand and then apply to their own projects. Delivered with humor, the weekly show provides a step by step process that takes you from selecting the materials to applying the final finish.

    If you haven’t been exposed to what “Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil” can add to your woodworking skills, you need to take advantage of the 7 day trial membership. I’m confident that you, too, will agree – “In woodworking, it doesn’t get any better than this”…we’d be pleased to have you join us!

  4. Ben says:

    The best investment I’ve ever made in my woodworking career. Guys would think nothing of spending the money on a tool – by investing the small amount this show costs, your skill level and your results will blossom in a way no tool expenditure can match. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s like going to woodworking college. I thought I was good before – I’m better now and I can see more improvement in every project I make!

  5. Rob McEwen says:

    I don’t know if you can do this but be able to see or leave feedback about the shows. I’ve spread the word about your teaching but most of the people I know are not ready for your teaching, they want plans, they don’t think they can build without a set of measured drawings I think that comes for Norm and woodworking magazines trying to sell something. Maybe start selling measured drawing with the show (just kidding).. Just got to get them to build a project with you to boost their confidence inexpensive but will give them a little wow factor. Once they see how easy it can be and they can see the results. I got to think most of us are here because we see results from your teachings That’s how I know you are the real deal and that is a good thing if you can understand that. I hate to say it I think a lot of woodworkers on these forums are all about the flash and not about getting better. I like to call them pedigree woodworkers all paper and not as much ability. I see little by little blogs talking about you and your pre-color conditioner blotch control and liking it. I just can’t say enough about you webisodes videos and your finishing class These three things has advanced my abilites a lot, now I just got to keep building to get better. Thank yo much

  6. advertising? maybe you tube brief snippits and a forward to the store to enroll? You have done half hour shos on you tube so if people want more at a mastering level they will pay to see it? Hey run some one page fliers at kinko’s and pass em out?

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