A ” Branch ” Table

 Here is a little table , a bit unique , the client wanted the legs to look like branches of sorts, but yet we needed to retain some symmetry , meaning an equal balance on both sides, so it looked uniform and flowing, they had a picture of what they had in mind and we went from there, its something different from the typical period stuff we do, but we actually do alot of  contemporary work, and have several in process as we speak,  so will try to tag you along as we go!.

    This is the thing with contemporary,  it’s basically a personal look and choice, and unless others like your choice, it’s not a good place to be, some one like Sam Maloof , who created a design that had mass appeal  and was successful with it, is definitely an exception to the rule. Here is where a big discussion could be made for those looking to “get in the business”, personally I found that learning how to do about any thing that came my way was a good place to be, and has proven to be sustaining, As well as having a body of work to show your abilities , a good photo album can be worth alot in getting clients to trust you with  their  work.. A website is better , you have to be able to demonstrate ability, and remember you don’t have to like it to make it.

    This table , which is being used as a sort of foyer table, is cherry base and birdseye top, the top got a little  “Charles Neil” help, I actually tinted it to a very subtle “pink”, tone, using some trans tint  “bordeaux “, couple drops in some 1/2 lb cut shellac, the reason I did this is the center board had a little pink tone naturally, and the outer 2 were white, so a little tinting was in order, as well i have done this several times , its not overly apparent, but it just blends everything, and gives the maple a nice hue that blends and compliments the darker cherry, for me its a very rich look, and the clients agreed. hope you like it, it is 22 deep, 60 long and 36 tall… not hard to make at all, but sort of cool, and now done and delivered… how I like it.

     Well its time to get to work and keep making saw dust, got filming to do, and shavings to make.

Over the weekend , Ed and I  shoveled out the shop,  it was a mess, now you can see some spots of the floor, showing,   close enough.. now i need to “filler back up”.. later Y’all

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9 Responses to A ” Branch ” Table

  1. Interesting piece. Did you have fun with it? I’m curious about how you attatched it?

  2. Curious about the application of the color. To even it out, did you tint the whole top or just the lighter areas?

    • Doc I masked off the center board , and ;lightly tinted the outer two, then did the top as a whole, if not i would have had to go much darker to get it all even, this is where many go wrong, you have to create a equal base color , or you have to go darker to cover it, works well

  3. Monte West says:

    Charles you did a great job from a picture. You must have talked to the client a lot.
    I though you had to much New Years Eve punch and you were not able to write after you told us Thursday night that you would.

  4. Jim Brokenbourgh says:

    I like it even better with the stain and finish, It looks more like branches with the darker color plus the light tint on the top really is a nice touch.

  5. Rich says:

    Excellent job Charles.

  6. denis rezendes says:

    very cool i love the look to the top its got such a nice color to it

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