Maybe …Maloof Rocker Class

 My good friend and an excellent woodworker Randy Child, from Southern California, had the privilege to get to know Sam Maloof , and Sam actually gave Randy a set of his patterns for his world-famous rocker, Randy has made numerous of them , so in our conversations I ask Randy if he had ever considered a class, he said no he didn’t really have the place to do it and had never taught a class, then in further conversation I as him if he would consider coming here and we do the class, he agreed.

     This class will not be for the faint of heart, it will be a week of very long days and very intense work,and I can assure you there will be alot  of home work when you get home, there can be no more than 4 people, and the price will be 2k to 2500.00 , not cheap either, but if there is enough interest , we will see what we can set up,  as well I will have to source some gorgeous tiger maple, unless there is another preference.

      This is a chance to build this rocker off of Sams actual patterns with some one who knows the rocker inside and out,, so for me its a very rare opportunity, I personally don’t want to miss, so I am thinking a late spring or summer class, and if there is enough interest we will do 2 , so if you have an interest please let me know and after the first of the year We will look to setting it up.

email me

     Rocking and rolling to-day and filming the show so alot to get done, its one of those times , where we have gotten everyone squared away on their projects and all seems to be good and calm,  so now its time for me to get the haul A** on and get my stuff done, so looks like some long days and nights, but we will make it, always do, after all its just wood and finishing, so its off to film , change shirts then get the saws going..

later y’all

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7 Responses to Maybe …Maloof Rocker Class

  1. Randy says:

    Thanks Charles for opening your shop to me and those that would like to attend..

    Meeting Sam Maloof and getting to know him personally is one of my life’s greatest chapters..when I first spoke to Sam over 20 years ago.. It was to actually purchase one of his rockers but little did I know the cost which was $8,000.00 for the walnut and $12,000.00 for a tiger maple.. At the time of his death.. They were selling for $38,000.00 and Sam was backlogged 10 years..Sam and I talked for quite awhile and at the end of our conversation he said to me..”you seem like an awfully nice fellow.. I know you love my rocker.. Tell you what.. Why dont we make a copy of my templates and I will show you how to make your own..” so that was the beginning of my woodworking journey..

    Charles is correct.. This rocker is not for the faint of heart.. But believe me.. Making one propels your skill level thru the roof.. You not only get bragging rights but what making a rocker especially Sam’s does is opens the floodgates for many other pieces.. You gain confidence to tackle just about any other jobs especially if it involves sculpting wood.. You learn which tools will do what the fastest and best you will learn how to cut and join comolex joinery and learn the skill of mastering the rasp and files..these skills I have learned from Sam have saved my bacon so many times its not funny.. And jobs that I turned away before.. I take on now with no reservations or intimidations..

    Knowing the how’s and why’s and knowing this rocker inside out will allow me to teach anyone who is interested in learning..and its a lot of fun too…

  2. don romans says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, wish I could attend-just cannot.

    Met Sam years ago, got a personal tour of his shop and processes with a few others by Sam himself. What a nice and very giving man he was of his time and knowledge-much like Charles, woodworkers are just a different breed.

    I’ll be very envious of anyone able to participate, look forward to the pictures! 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    This will be one very exclusive class and one hell of a grind. If you can, take hundreds of pics and turn it into a slide show for us all to watch the progression.

  4. Not a weekend project. I appreciate the recognition for Randy, and Sam Maloof, oh and maybe Marc doing a workshop with you. We learn different styles, forms, and skills. See you have the “tips and Tricks” video completed. Gotta go and plow and shovel. And build furniture in my head…LOL


  5. Keith Hankins says:

    I’d love to take the class if it could be in the spring. Great vacation.

  6. Joe Venables says:

    G’day from Australia. There is no chance I can attend your class but are the templates available.


  7. Joe we are not sure just yet, but will let everyone know if we do it

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