Making Drawers Today

It’s a bit chilly here today, 11 degrees this morning and high winds wind chill is -6 , a might cool .

    Today I am continuing with the show slant front desk build, so today its drawers , it will Thursday nights show,  yesterday I pulled some white hard maple for the drawer’s and then some Cherry for the inner fronts, so I need to process it to 5/8 and its ready to size and make drawers, I usually do my drawers at 3/4 , but I want to give my 5/8 dovetail bit a good  run and  then I need to pick and resaw some drawer front material as well as get something made up for the drop front,  so it’s a busy day , also got another high boy in the back getting some drawer fronts applied , and they will be ready to sand and start getting some finish on, got to keep it moving, and I’m pushing to get it done, they are not for Christmas per say, but would like to see them gone , would make for a more relaxing holiday… know what I mean.,..

    Yesterday I also filmed the DVD for the goose neck bits so the girls are working hard and furious to get them all done and shipping, as well as the tricks and tips DVD, so we are all running full blast… but that is what it takes, but hopefully the holidays will be alot slower paced, could use the break… but still not complaining,  still prefer to wonder how I’m gonna get it all done, than what I’m gonna do, feel very blessed to have work .

     I also want done so we can get to the pie safes, got everything we need, Jeff has a nice sketch up done, so it’s just waiting on me to get to it, but got to get all the other stuff off my plate first.. y’all know how that goes

    Not much else going on, so guess I best be getting the show filmed so Crystal can get it all ready to go

Later Y’all stay safe and warm

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2 Responses to Making Drawers Today

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    I woke up this morning to 50 degrees. It’s been an odd fall/winter this year.

    We’re still under 13″ of precipitation for the year and temps above average.

  2. Charles..”welcome to my world” 🙂

    Yep, nice to hear complaining about “too much work” 🙂


    Ken it’s nuts ain’t it!

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